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  • listen it with earphones.
  • listening to this song on the beach under the night sky making love.. heavenly.. so easy to please
  • Love the kind of echoey voice in the back. [2]
  • ♥ ♥
  • Love the kind of echoey voice in the back. Sounds like a creepy tannoy at an airport. Love it!
  • 'suddenly made me cry, damn' - this exactly.
  • What a genius Chris Martin is. His lyrics and singing make me believe he suffered a lot and felt every piece of it. Every line is pure truth.
  • always makes me cry
  • Forgive me, please, 'cos I'm so easy to please...
  • suddenly made me cry, damn
  • Bring it back! I miss this kind of sounds! (2)
  • yes! this is great! My favourite song of Coldplay...I miss this kind of sounds
  • Easy To Please ♥
  • This b-side is better than many singles
  • молодец) нравится
  • Wspaniały utwór, jeden z moich ulubionych Coldplay :) :) :) Mogłabym słuchać w nieskończoność,szkoda że czas na to nie pozwala :(
  • This totally reminds me of pink floyd with the people talking in the background and the sound of the shoreline, nice undiscovered piece
  • This is my song to any woman I date.
  • Background woman's voice is russian. ^___^ This song makes me feel flying... One of the best of Coldpay's.
  • My favorite coldplay song. This is the coldplay that blew my mind away. Comeback guys come back.
  • this song is so beautiful and perfect... the background noises give a strange sense of emptiness to it - i freeze every time i listen to it!
  • my favorite song of them, since 2005.
  • One of, if not, my favorite Coldplay songs. Same with Only Superstition, Brothers & Sisters makes my life <3
  • I like this song
  • Love, I hope we get old I hope we can find a way Seeing it all Awesome song, shame I only discovered it, and all their other singles, a few weeks ago
  • It makes me feel empty, or something, but a great song.
  • @ LakeGlade12: yeah...perhaps this song would have well fit into parachutes...but sparks does either, sparks is great
  • why do I remember Radiohead over and over again while listening to this song?
  • Amazing, its just 1 more song that should have gone on the Parachutes album. This did not deserve to remain a B-side when songs like Sparks got onto the main album!
  • Coldplay é fantastico
  • mhuh, it makes me cry... *u*
  • It's so beautiful !
  • sooooothing.
  • Yes, I prefer them in their older albums too... The lyrics and Chris's voice are simply mesmerizing...
  • esque este coldplaaaay cuanta cosa transmitía!!! con un pedazo tan sencillo y bonito de canción
  • definitely deserves a place in any of their albums... wow!
  • hmmmmm...(?)
  • so it's not just me! i miss this coldplay too. they sounded... better.
  • I miss this Coldplay [2] This song it's me.
  • So dark.... and deep... this makes me feel like emptyness or something... it touches me very deep..
  • i agree with you sinciliukas, that's exactly my thoughts about colplay. they were so amazing
  • underrated song like things that i dont understand both awsome
  • so easy to please..
  • That is coldplay beauty...can they do something like this?
  • beautiful :*(
  • the greatest song
  • sooo goood track best song ever
  • Tremendos!!.La voz de Martin se te clava en la cabeza.Cuantos más íntimos,mejores,no???


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