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  • Obsian FTW
  • <3
  • +
  • Wtf is that emo tag
  • lol kill that emo tag
  • Yes, that bass immediately grabbed my attention. Excellent.
  • Fucking love the bass on Obsian. I also love the guitars. And the drums. And the vox.
  • But black Castevet music was better.
  • Oh this is wonderful. Legally force the name away from the band that's been using the name for much longer than you, have them rename themselves CSTVT in the process - which is much more kvlt anyways - and then break up. I like the music, really, but this is beyond douchy.
  • Does that mean CSTVT can claim their rightful name back?
  • I see, that makes sense. I'm not familiar with Czral or his work but will give it a listen. I've since warmed to the track somewhat and would be interested in checking out its inspiration.
  • It was a homage of sorts to Czral, man.
  • Obsian is absolutely perfect in my opinion, with the really unfortunate exception of the clean vocals on the last track. They're just really lethargic-sounding, practically comatose, and don't fit the otherworldly atmosphere of the rest of the music at all. I think there are ways Castevet could pull off clean vocals, but that is not it. Other than that though the album is a freaking fantastic, ballistic voyage through hyperspace.
  • Those clean vocals kinda suck. Obsian isn't bad, but the clean vocals on the last track are super NU.
  • Rated/Reviewed in my [url=]2013 Journal[/url].
  • The Tower reminds me of Witch Hunt by Rush.
  • I take it back. It needs several listens to be appreciated. Well done Andrew, my bad.
  • Yeah, it's definitely growing on me more. Liking it as much as the debut now.
  • @Mrozikos667: give it a few more spins, you are missing out a lot, brilliant continuation of Mounds of Ash in my opinion, even more dense and with more unexpected twists and turns, really a grower (just as Mounds of Ash was)
  • I just cannot understand how a band that recorded the lovely "Mounds of Ahs" put out something like "Obsian". I mean, ok, maybe I'm missing something, maybe I'm just stupid, but while listening to it (3 times already) I feel nothing. Void. Just some background fuzz coming in through one ear and out through the other. One of the severest disappointments of the year.
  • Castevet interviewed in the latest issue of Rock-A-Rolla! Check it out here:
  • @ohsoimpulsive: Picking on someone's taste on a website based on musical taste is the lowest common denominator of comebacks. Try harder.
  • Obsian is pretty sweet. Gotta different vibe to it. Not sure if it's better than Mounds of Ash yet, but I like.
  • I like the debut a tad more from first listen, took a bit for it to really open up to me because there were a few lulls in bits of the first 3 tracks. Really enjoyable though, I can see this growing one me in the coming weeks/months.
  • I like Obsian more with each listen.
  • apparently, listening Devin Townsend gave you a lot of confidence. that's good, kid, that's good.
  • affasf's top listens this week.. Justin Timberlake. The album is really good.
  • Obsian is kinda shitty.
  • I was going to name my band Castevet, but I think I'll reconsider.
  • new album in October
  • prettyincastevet
  • I miss having these twinkle daddies in my life!
  • when I'm feeling a little too good about humanity I come to this shoutbox
  • the tags and top plays on this page are fucking hilarious in light of the lawsuit [2] EMO IS A GANG
  • MyElbowsFellOff: agree.. this is really stupid.. shouldnt be too hard. they have the seperate song names and album names.. should be possible to do something so that they get seperated by that.
  • This shoutbox was everything I hoped it would be and more
  • beautiful music
  • CSTVT can't fuck with my fucking unfuckwithable swag...fucking posers!
  • "Wow, prettyincasts is one of the most annoying & self-righteous cunts I have ever seen on the internet. That has to be worth some kind of award or medal" U mad brah?
  • 2012 and lastfm still hasn't found a fucking solution to bands with the same name sharing a page?
  • the tags and top plays on this page are fucking hilarious in light of the lawsuit
  • Great Band, reminds me a lot of Twelve Hour Turn. Give me more!
  • How the fuck did I JUST discover 'The Echo And The Light'?
  • "CSTVT ‏@CSTVT (the Castevet from Chicago) Can someone with a Last FM account tell everyone we're not broken up, we practice every Wednesday, and we're only 1 song away from a new LP" Hey this is the Castevet page, you need to be on the CSTVT page for these requests. Thank you.
  • CSTVT ‏@CSTVT (the Castevet from Chicago) Can someone with a Last FM account tell everyone we're not broken up, we practice every Wednesday, and we're only 1 song away from a new LP?
  • painful shoutbox
  • "wat even is a black metal" It is a cock like steel rod that ur mother used to inseminate herself with u
  • "i like the castevet that plays the music . ?" OH HAHA FUNNY STORY BRO, THERE ARE 2 CASTEVETS THAT PLAY MUSIC. HAHAH


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