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Carbon Based Lifeforms

Flytta Dig (8:27)


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  • everything is getting darker around me and a chill of unease sweeps the air "FFFYYLLTA DIIIIG"
  • Is it IKEA restaurant in a background?
  • reminds me of Autechre - Vletrmx21 [2]
  • the electric divinity of solarsound.
  • beautiful ambient
  • in another dimension... no one can find me now.
  • OMG, just what the doctor ordered!! Beam me up..
  • this is so soothing!!
  • reminds me of Autechre - Vletrmx21
  • 2:37 Ameeeeen !
  • Move ass
  • Pure bliss
  • going through the solar sytem, visiting each planet, until the great unknown...
  • Fantastic
  • Quality stuff:))))))
  • ohm and salutations.... thank you for this...
  • when i feel like getting away.. light years away... i listen to this
  • Stunning piece. Really strong atmosphere.
  • ohh... this track is simply gorgeous...
  • This is one of the greatest 2 minutes of music ever created, pure magic.
  • их музыка шикарна
  • This track fucks my mind beyond any perceptible recognition...
  • I can close my eyes and almost picture myself floating through the universe...
  • sci-fi
  • Woooooow! The bassline in this one...
  • Amazing! Infinity sounds so beautiful and distant...
  • "it reminds me of super nintendo and sega genesis soundtracks for some reason?" Wow you lost me on that one. :) I never heard anything on either of those 2 systems that sounds remotely close to this tune. And what a great tune it is.
  • yeah, that's my thing!
  • 11+. "Chillingly beautiful."
  • Great!
  • the correct track is inside that flac torrent on piratebay )) sorry if you wanna support
  • Ah, now I have the CD, all is explained. This isn't Flytta Dig on Spotify, it is the start of the 'bonus track', that carries on after the Last Fm Version of Betula Pendula finishes. But then again this is also different to the cd version. OK, I am still confused!
  • There is something very wrong/odd/different with this track on Spotify. It is 8:26 long instead of 2:03, and sounds really distorted at the beginning. spotify:track:6RtKSNd78ZR2mH1lvpfpgh As I haven't got the album I have no idea which is the correct version.
  • Reminds me of Super Metroid on the SNES!!
  • what a beauty!
  • Me encanta!
  • awsome
  • Another classic.
  • More like "Please move".
  • nice
  • What does Flytta Dig mean ?!??!

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