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  • Sorry, nevermind. :(
  • vv ~rolls eyes
  • Wow, this is actually kind of catchy.
  • What a nutty track, what fun!
  • elagaru elagaru
  • That's right, the mascara snake. Fast and bulbous!
  • "tight also"
  • dat instrumental passage
  • omg what a jam
  • Meatwad on backing vocals
  • Shit is tight also.
  • This is just irresistible
  • High Ella
  • Mr Beef heart and his magic wand! Rockon
  • Sounds like Dr. Suess books.
  • that guitar on the very end of this track is very similar to The Fall - Oh Brother, isnt it ?
  • ...also a tin teardrop.
  • cant help but think of fred frith when i listen to this
  • nice
  • fast and bulbous.
  • Bizarrely addicting...
  • Groovy
  • Oh man this song really gets me going, love it
  • brutal
  • .rip
  • Well, for some of it anyway.
  • @drthatguy I think they just decided to not cut anything out of the album when doing takes.
  • love all the talking and strange backing vocals that were added in (by zappa I guess?). especially the fast and bulbous bit.
  • RIP Don :(
  • Kinda like the sloppy instrumental version. It's grown on me.
  • Such a dinner party would probably end in violence.
  • High yella high red high blue she blew
  • You know, during the threesome.
  • You could all speak in cryptic abstract poetry together.
  • Makes me think of Yes. A lot of this stuff makes me think of easily digestable prog rock. I don't know what the hell is wrong with people who can't listen to this album...
  • Fast n Bullbous !!!!!!!!
  • This is the instrumental version from the Grow Fins box set, just to clarify all the speculation. If you want the album version, go buy it and put some money in Don's pocket.
  • @sergiorennes: It's what the record labels send them, it's not's fault.
  • Last FM is rubbish this is still great, but not the album version
  • one of the craziest songs ever. in a good way, of course.
  • just to echo previous shouts- `wheres d`fucken words bro???`
  • a squid eating dough inside a polyethylene bag is fast and me?
  • This is not the trout mask replica version of the song ella guru
  • that's right the mascara snake; fast and bulbous, tight also.
  • Most definitely - Beefheart is one of Mark E Smith's heroes...
  • did this guitariness influence THE FALL?
  • good song...
  • After Captain Beefheart, a desert, he did it all!
  • tight also


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