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  • This band is backed as fuck. Reminds me a lot of The Unlovables.
  • Great music, makes me so happy. Lead singer is cute too!
  • <3
  • guilty pleasure of mine
  • Just, wow!
  • cute
  • her sounding so cute makes this so much more enjoyable
  • having a female vocalist is refreshing for pop punk <3
  • How is this branded as pop punk? I think it's pop rock, post grunge, or alternative rock. I get 90s vibes for sure. No pop punk vibes at all.
  • Good band... for girls! :D [2]
  • "Good band... for girls! :D" Oh, fuck off and die. [2]
  • "Good band... for girls! :D" Oh, fuck off and die.
  • New album is fantastic. So catchy.
  • Pointless and lacklustre. [2]this band is super cute [2]
  • this band is super cute
  • I like this band... and I'm not even a girl
  • Pointless and lacklustre.
  • Great music video by [url= Hearts]Candy Hearts[/url] on music: "[url=]Bad Idea[/url]".
  • Good band... for girls! :D
  • lead singer is cute
  • The new EP is such a grower, so catchy.
  • Candy Hearts - Best Ways To Disappear EP Review
  • the new EP is so fuckin good
  • ♥ hayley williams got me into this band!
  • The singer sounds so bored in every song.
  • cute.
  • This band makes me happy.
  • the split with sister kisser rules!
  • kinda reminds me of zolof. i dig it.
  • such a fresh and cute new album
  • i don't really think about the first boy i ever kissed when i listen to this band, like the wiki suggests. i do think about how stunningly cute and kickass the singer is, though.
  • mvl was here
  • so cuuute :3
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  • loving this
  • score, another good band found.
  • this music makes me so happy
  • new twitter guys!
  • Everyone I know is going to have to listen to me talk about this band and spread their name for the next month.
  • Lovely
  • Currently making me happy.
  • Follow us on twitter guys:
  • Pretty cool, good for sunny days like these :)
  • this stuff is really good. sucha unique voice, nothing ive heard before
  • <3 <3
  • guys! follow us on tumblr <3
  • They kind of do sound like that crush I had on a boy in 6th grade! Weird!
  • I just downloaded your album on IfYouMakeIt and I'm already in love. Thanks!


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