• I can't be the only one...

    20 jui. 2007, 11h20m par lorealkids06

    Who is utterly disgusted at the people whose sole purpose is to go and tell others how horrible their taste in music is. Who are you to go and tell others that they have horrid taste in music? You're no god and were never selected as a Last.FM judge. If you don't like someone's taste in music, good for you, leave them alone. They're happy listening to what they like and you have no right to bug them just to get some twisted pleasure and feeling of superiority from it. The same goes for the people who do this to artists and/or bands they dislike.

    If you don't like them so much, then have nothing to do with them. It makes everything easier.

    I'm going to be straightforward and say that I like The Feeling, I like some of Fall Out Boy's lyrics, I love The Killers. You can go ahead and tell me that I'm wrong in liking what I do and I can do the same back to you, but, in the long run, what would that accomplish?

    I respect those who try, who write on their own music, who have a dream and are making it happen. …