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  • Avatar de theironictea
    omfg this is so good
  • Avatar de DookieMestrebug
    Now this is how you should open an album
  • Avatar de Oppressotron
    Not a huge fan of this track but the rest of the album is fantastic.
  • Avatar de lukasz_pulawski
    One of his best songs!
  • Avatar de kardiokompresor
    golden hands
  • Avatar de nilsfa
    It is indeed the same synth he used on Bowie's "Beauty and the Beast", although two years earlier. This is from 1975 whereas Heroes is 1977.
  • Avatar de Rubvo
    good song though.
  • Avatar de Rubvo
    Also reminds me of Bowie.
  • Avatar de Eihwaz0
    Is it just me, or Eno using the same synth here used prominently on David Bowie's "Beauty and the Beast"? Same year, and it sounds mighty similar...
  • Avatar de Tromperie
    Am I the only person who hears a similarity between this and Iggy Pop's 'Lust For Life'?
  • Avatar de lukasz_pulawski
    Quite commercial for Eno
  • Avatar de backwoodsbagldy
    the best song ever
  • Avatar de ziggystar72
  • Avatar de psijo
    dogs in space
  • Avatar de abbi98
    Who loves' ya baby?
  • Avatar de fastlane01
    Nice groove
  • Avatar de enigmatikc
    But how many know this is Phil Collins / Percy Jones rithym section?
  • Avatar de Jurassicprince
    the vocals on this are amazing.
  • Avatar de criptid
    As this track played I drew an Oblique Strategy from the app on my droid: "Move towards the unimportant." I think that would be a coffee and donuts break!
  • Avatar de docktertim
    It's a rare individual who can swim against the current and prosper...
  • Avatar de psyclonought
    like a lemon sliding down a razor blade with a slightly acid theme.
  • Avatar de curiouscrab
    a musician of towering genius......and this album.....maybe his best?
  • Avatar de inhmn
    the proof that electronic music hasn't much moved from the 1975 till now :) also - the ideas beat the technology limits
  • Avatar de Tersse
    i forgot how much i love eno, my fav male musician, suxie sue from suzie and the banshees is my fav female musician .
  • Avatar de SOLOMUSIKA
    ....*♫♪ ♫♪ ♥♥♥
  • Avatar de ThinkZinc
    Everything about this song is so perfect.
  • Avatar de panda951
    oh my gosh, this one is classic.
  • Avatar de pninn
  • Avatar de rhysaurus
    The opening track to one of the best albums ever recorded...
  • Avatar de kfjckillsme
    is there something joyful about brian eno? i think so, nearly always. and now
  • Avatar de mauflus
    still surprising
  • Avatar de aibiman
    a classic
  • Avatar de gapthfc
    Just listen to that fretless bass...
  • Avatar de davidbowiegirl
    Odd but good song, still :)
  • Avatar de sodiumneck
    yes it is phil collins on drums, and john cale on viola. good song eno
  • Avatar de defluomusic
    Awesome track! I love this album.
  • Avatar de Heue27
  • Avatar de finflwr
    Nice one, Mr. Eno sir!
  • Avatar de _rilstix_
    This is how jazz should be.
  • Avatar de sinisterfw
    I think it is Phil Collins on drums here.
  • Avatar de Afreeka
    I love the whole album, it's an experience every time... my favorite track is the first though... Sky Saw
  • Avatar de padrastro
    the title is so appropriate for the sound of this saw.. brilliant
  • Avatar de brother_james
    When? Intro? Outro?
  • Avatar de willers
  • Avatar de TheMusicalVito
    No comments? Awesome song!

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