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  • Life is Strange <3
  • blue butterfly <-> life is strange
  • LIS!
  • some1 please sned me GOT WELL SOON (instrumental) version <3 <3
  • They are amazing live!
  • axyetb - отличный тег :)
  • imho Breton > Foals
  • They were doing so great and now all I can hear is Foals. Man, this almost sucks.
  • Vivement le 10 avril !
  • "War Room Stories" review published on (polish only, its good to learn new languages)
  • S4
  • Here pics and impressions of the Berlin concert:
  • Am I tripping or someone actually did tag them 'dubstep' ?
  • new album is really really amazing. can't wait to hear the second half of 'fifteen minutes' live.
  • Немного Тома Века напомнили
  • Love you guys <3
  • Awesome new album*
  • pretty cool newalbum
  • love this new album ^^
  • Here we go!
  • Envy<3
  • ENVY <3
  • lov U
  • interview with Breton published on musicNOW!:
  • Trippy sounds!
  • albums of the year '12
  • Population Density <3
  • только сейчас наткнулся на них! выше всяческих похвал!
  • ну заебца так вроде, не скисну под это на работе
  • They are so good! Also I love the singer's accent. :D
  • пацаны ваще ребята!)
  • owwww this band is totally amazing
  • A link to download Sharing Notes EP ?
  • waaaaaaaay good live!
  • whew, Breton is touring!! This is gonna rawk!!!!! I would like to thank myself so much for checking my RSS feed!!!!!!!!! fuckk
  • @LotsoBear - Actually, that description fits for most of the Sharing Notes EP, too. And I completely dig that.
  • lmao @ dubstep tag
  • Brilliant live!
  • new mixtape!
  • DUBSTEP? Goddamn kids.
  • jostle reminds me of an electro modest mouse.
  • The dubstep tag makes no sense.
  • 2012 is the year of Breton.
  • Seen them live twice, been great to witness.
  • These were just on Radio 6...Jostle sounds awesome. Definitely gonna have to check this guys out
  • @lyricsz I certainly do hear dubstep influences. In RDI for instance.
  • amazing music, amazing band!
  • @little_stevie1 they were on arte tracks recently (only fr/ger language afaik)
  • great Breton


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