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  • Avatar de andrewcockerill
    Well fuck and breed my tight muscle ass... [8]
  • Avatar de Snooz
    First impression, all songs need to be at least 7mins long
  • Avatar de AICDTTPT
    Well fuck and breed my tight muscle ass... [7]
  • Avatar de Supermassive7
  • Avatar de Supermassive7
  • Avatar de rvnvalente
    FAIR 9.5 -- AOTY
  • Avatar de KLIO1984
    Bon Iver - Bon Iver "best new music" 9,5 by Pitchfork >3 :)
  • Avatar de chimneypipes
    I really like this guy I do, but nothing he's doing is ground breaking or particularly exciting. he's like a new Iron and Wine. Making pretty, very simple, crooner music. There's a place for it. I like it enough, but the 9.5 is a massive WTF. Mark Richardson used to be such a great reviewer, someone I trusted, but this is just silly. Bon Iver just takes 3-4 chords, no more, and slowly builds on them with insanely simple percussion and falsetto and some MOR 80s vibes.
  • Avatar de AngleUponAngles
    Well, I didn't see that coming.
  • Avatar de mixedresults
    Well fuck and breed my tight muscle ass... [4]
  • Avatar de LeonSmith
    you are just fucking famous now
  • Avatar de burnobus7337
    I fall into the boat that agrees with P4Ks 9.5. For Emma is great and probably rated a tad too low on their scale (I think it got a 8.1) but the new album builds on the ideas he had on it. This record is going to divide people. Those that enjoy the more direct lyrics/images, space and raw "emptiness" For Emma embodies or the intricacies, sonic details and abstract lyrics Bon Iver, Iver takes on.
  • Avatar de koolzies
    it's just so fucking incredible.
  • Avatar de TUyT
    The new album is going to be tagging mess
  • Avatar de IteImJames
    Well fuck and breed my tight muscle ass... [3]
  • Avatar de reavermu
    well fuck and breed my tight muscle ass... [3]
  • Avatar de Under_Radar_Mag
    Check out our review of Bon Iver:
  • Avatar de jaredXStrife
    Well fuck and breed my tight muscle ass...
  • Avatar de playgr0undtwist
    popcorn, a comfy chair and this shoutbox is all i need tonight
  • Avatar de Blvd_Nights
  • Avatar de blahrascal
    Said it before and I'll say it again: new album improves on For Emma in pretty much every way, as far as I'm concerned; it deserves every bit of that 9.5. Also, how come nobody is talking about Towers? That song literally made me say "holy shit" out loud at two separate spots.
  • Avatar de musiikkionelo
    WOW im shocked @ 9.5. I really love the album but isn't a bit too much? It might grow on me later.
  • Avatar de fa_rael
    9.5 laughs
  • Avatar de lrreplaceable_
    New album is pretty good, but 9.5 is too high. Should've been 8.7 or so.
  • Avatar de bloodmaw
  • Avatar de Zelda7
    I think people didn't wait for the Pitchfork review to find this album awesome ;) (well, 9.5 is too high though).
  • Avatar de DallasShalDune
    ayefightbears: probably.
  • Avatar de ayefightbears
    And then, all of a sudden, everyone's opinions on the album changed.
  • Avatar de DallasShalDune
    panned lol ;-)
  • Avatar de david_mania
    9.5?! Yikes, that's crazy! Album is really growing on me! (And I didn't ever care about him before...)
  • Avatar de pprthnxXxhymn
  • Avatar de mk741
  • Avatar de rachel1166
    I bloody love you guys! <3
  • Avatar de ClassicManiac
    vote this picture up please :) Justin in action!
  • Avatar de Mrclarkson92
    The new album is very good, but not as gorgeous as For Emma
  • Avatar de Apofiz
    lol at skinny love still being top
  • Avatar de Wonka_yea
  • Avatar de aurora789 Bon Iver review
  • Avatar de stvoreque
    Calgary and Beth/Rest! Bon Iver you are amazing! This music is so good!
  • Avatar de Srpaco
    This guy's amazing
  • Avatar de casualty
    beth/rest is awesome
  • Avatar de EricValeev
  • Avatar de tipofthehat
    Bon Iver, reviewed by me at Little Sparrow -
  • Avatar de originalglazed
    Brilliant new album.
  • Avatar de biIIbong
    whats up with beth/rest. it needs to go
  • Avatar de Sator09
    great photo of Bon Iver:
  • Avatar de doctorbagr
    One of the topics of my latest blog posts is Bon Iver. Do read it!
  • Avatar de tictictoc
    Michicant ♥
  • Avatar de samhal
    Help! I love Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and The Tallest Man of Earth, but I just can't "click" with Bon Iver. I like Justin Vernon's voice on the Kanye album, but I think his songs are pretty average. Any song/album suggestions?
  • Avatar de Zealant
    Bon Iver is proof of the importance of production, which Vernon has clearly perfected.


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