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  • 9.5 laughs
  • New album is pretty good, but 9.5 is too high. Should've been 8.7 or so.
  • I think people didn't wait for the Pitchfork review to find this album awesome ;) (well, 9.5 is too high though).
  • ayefightbears: probably.
  • And then, all of a sudden, everyone's opinions on the album changed.
  • panned lol ;-)
  • 9.5?! Yikes, that's crazy! Album is really growing on me! (And I didn't ever care about him before...)
  • I bloody love you guys! <3
  • vote this picture up please :) Justin in action!
  • The new album is very good, but not as gorgeous as For Emma
  • lol at skinny love still being top
  • Bon Iver review
  • Calgary and Beth/Rest! Bon Iver you are amazing! This music is so good!
  • This guy's amazing
  • beth/rest is awesome
  • Towers
  • Bon Iver, reviewed by me at Little Sparrow -
  • Brilliant new album.
  • whats up with beth/rest. it needs to go
  • great photo of Bon Iver:
  • One of the topics of my latest blog posts is Bon Iver. Do read it!
  • Michicant ♥
  • Help! I love Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and The Tallest Man of Earth, but I just can't "click" with Bon Iver. I like Justin Vernon's voice on the Kanye album, but I think his songs are pretty average. Any song/album suggestions?
  • Bon Iver is proof of the importance of production, which Vernon has clearly perfected.
  • New album is very strange. It's good but I'm not that in to it yet. Though Holocene is a really good song.
  • Great album, but NOT better than For Emma, Forever ago. The people who are saying so are INSANE! Not to mention that the two records are so different from each other, that they're almost incomparable.
  • Got my CD/shirt/vinyl/poster preorder four days early :D Best preorder ever.
  • его предыдущие работы заставляли в голове рисовать красивые почти что шедевральные картины..но здесь ты не просто рисуеш,а сопереживаеш вместе...как будто музыка сливается с твоим всем самим дорогим и сокровенным в единое целое...как будто музыка говорит "я понимаю тебя мужик"...просто божественно!
  • Arretez de me faire pleurer ♥
  • V nice! we can finally listen to the new album! :P
  • this is one review that really doesn't sit on the fence re Beth/Rest My favourite is definitely Towers.
  • adorável!!
  • you should come to Austria or Poland :( I live in Slovakia and all the concerts in Europe are too far from where I live :((
  • SKINNY LOVE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Brand new video for Calgary is amazing. Blogged at: for your listening and viewing pleasure.
  • who said we don't get it? i just hate it and dont want to make sense of it. why dont you go try to make sense of al qaeda
  • Beth/Rest it's amazing o/
  • perth is pure art
  • cool
  • dannyboymolloy, well... it's the opposite. at least in my opinion
  • where are the acoustic guitars on the new album?
  • Bath/Rest as my favourite 80's porn soundtrack.
  • new album is just ok, as usual with bon iver
  • The thing that kills Beth/Rest is the beginning, I thought my player jumped to another artist I've never head before, the rest of the song is OK.
  • fancy album with tons of shit added. I really wanted something more folk, but I like it anyway. For Emma, Forever Ago > all other shit.


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