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  • damon albarn is a genius
  • I just love the la la lalala
  • Best song ever?
  • great song
  • What a pure sky in London!
  • Like this b/w theme :)
  • fab tune
  • one of the best Blur songs !! Brilliant !!
  • aw, I just read that they removed the "and the view's so nice" writing from the Primrose hill... that's sad :(
  • sob
  • says modern life it's rubbish' Trying not to be sick again and holding on for tomorrow. <3 so cute
  • The extended version of this song is absolutely brilliant. <3
  • this song makes my stomach feel all weird and i think of London and when i went there with my dad, little brother and sister and we went to primrose hill and it was really fucking windy then we went to camden and i miss london.......god this song makes me feel weird
  • this makes me real sad but sometimes i am mean to me ugh what a songggg
  • great anthemic-sounding tune
  • lOve.
  • oh for a naughty girl with a lovely smile
  • ou0i[orinsgjsrndgsrmglsrogk So fucking good
  • the strings over "trying not to be sick again" are so nice
  • Great way to start an album
  • Just perfect.
  • timeless
  • pure britpop, looooooooooove it
  • Is that you David Bowie?
  • flawless :')
  • I suppose it does sound a bit like Bowie... can't go wrong with that! great song.
  • Wow. this is an amazing song :D
  • this is like some long forgotten David Bowie song.. that's definitely not a bad thing though.
  • my jam! lala lalala
  • pure Britpop magic!
  • You can't get bored of this song!
  • lalalalalalalalalala(4)
  • Lalalalalala <333 (3)
  • Somebody's been listening to their Bowie. Not bad.
  • This song is ONE of the best
  • ...and hold on for tomorrow. Brilliant!
  • blurs fuckn great but this songs not fantastic....
  • is their best song no one is so perfect
  • who doesn't like a good lala...lalala song every now and then? :)
  • Lalalalalala <333 (2)
  • Literally the best song ever.
  • good song
  • [TEE to the YOU to the EN to the E]
  • love the video that plays along with this song.
  • fine video
  • and so we hold each other tightly <3
  • I love lalala songs.
  • <3
  • So Blur, so great.
  • ive spent 3 years trying to figure out what graham plays on the chorus and outro


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