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Blind Melon

Sleepyhouse (4:29)


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  • i just want to shout the lyrics every time i hear this song. its fucking amazing
  • Oooh this song...It's dreamlike, that warms the heart indeed...Wonderful...❤.❤
  • love ya Mr.... RIP.....gone to soon
  • great song great music from a great group rip buddy
  • this warms my soul..
  • love blind melons stuff no rain is sweet
  • Fucking incredible
  • One of my favourite songs ever!
  • Summer time music!
  • absolutely brilliant bit of music
  • vocals on this song are amazing
  • Shannon's suffering produced some extemely moving pieces of art, but also resulted in his tragic end. The best we can do it treasure what he left us... and wow, are his works worth treasuring.
  • such a great song from a great album .
  • Shame i was too young to have seen these guys...Shannon is amazing. At least there's still the music.
  • his soul is speaking in every nuance...
  • Fucking cocaine.
  • great song.
  • Im feeling better when im high!
  • good musicians don't come so often wish you where here man.
  • check carbon monoxide levels. just kidding. couldn't resist. Shannon Moon, R.I.P. You were a fine young man with a hell of a voice. God Bless you and keep you.
  • one of my favorite songs from the 90's been ages since I heard this one, the guitar layering under his vocals during the chorus are legendary :)
  • this is perfect
  • <3<3<3
  • A beautiful song! Shannon has the voice of an angel.
  • Great album ... almost completely forgotten about by anyone I hang with . They have no idea , instantly equating this band with the horrible "No Rain" single .
  • Probably my favorite Blind Melon song. Shannon's voice is so perfect and beautiful.
  • :( and then :)
  • inolvidable...y si, imortal
  • Q.E.P.D... Inmortal!!!
  • does anybody know if blind mellon will come to italy?
  • L<3ove
  • putz nem acredito... qnt tempo q naum ouço essa musica
  • agree.
  • what a great album.... tones of home great song
  • such a lose ..albums one of my all time plays still going strong from the day i bought it wayback when
  • Arguably, one of their best.
  • what a voice, Mr. Hoon can certainly hit it.
  • sssssssss con todo el sentimiento
  • Deliciosa Voz...Hermosa Melodia..
  • Amazing song. One of my favorites on this album.
  • Such a fucking beautiful song. SOOOOO beautiful and dreamy.
  • When this CD hit when I was in college I mistakenly thought I could sing like Hoon. I was so, so wrong. I got so much pleasure from this disc. I miss them.
  • Might be my fave Blind Melon song!
  • Could you guys believe I owned the album for months and found this one boring, skipped it over, didn't care for it at all, and then popped it in like 3 days ago after falling in love with Soup and just became immediately entranced? Tale of 2 songs, eh?
  • i agree
  • better when i'm high.

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