• Blind Lemon Jefferson

    13 oct. 2007, 18h53m par CoolJack

    Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Lemon maintains the number one posistion in my music charts (atleast he has done for the past six months) and I would say this is probably rightly so. To me Lemon is one of the most mysterious of the black musicians of his period, he had contact with many of the lesser known yet brilliant musicians such as King Solomon Hill aswell as the famous well known musicians such as Leadbelly and Lightnin' Hopkins. It has become clear to me that he was one of, if not the most respected blues musician among his other musicians in the 1920's.

    We can see from tracks such as King Solomon Hills "My Buddy Blind Lemon" and Washboard Walter's "Wasen't it Sad about Lemon" that he obviously had a great impact on the music of his time and after, many other musicians of the time who died early never had any dedications cut to record. Even Leadbelly who achieved fame to a much higher level than Lemon recorded a dedication to him.