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  • Seen live

    4 sept. 2010, 2h31m par h20s


    I give in, and have finally posted one of these. This is only bands I've paid attention to live, though doesn't necessarily mean that I liked them, but that means I didn't count every band that played while I was at the hot dog line at some festival.
    I also left out a fair amount of local bands, yet included others. I'm not entirely sure why, but that's the way it is.

    In chronological order (by first seen), rather than Alphabetical

    The Black Dahlia Murder (x3)
    Cannibal Corpse
    Trap Them (x2)
    Russian Circles (x2)
    Helms Alee (x3)
    Young Widows
    Lazarus AD
    High on Fire (x2)
    Converge (x2)
    Enfold Darkness
    Beneath the Massacre
    Dying Fetus
    The Faceless
    Within the Ruins
  • Buffalo Irish Fest 2008!

    24 août 2008, 16h32m par burlapwax

    Wow, been a long time since I posted a blog on here -- obviously, was the last Buffalo Irish Fest! Narf...

    This year was much more compact than last year -- same number of stages (4) but all were indoor/partially-indoor stages, which was welcome given that it was a friggin' hot August day on Saturday (one of the few real summer days this year). There weren't as many international acts this year (The Saw Doctors) were the only one based in Ireland, I think) but there was some great talent nonetheless. Liz Carroll and John Doyle, along with Bua were in from Chicago, Blackwater from northeast Pennsylvania, Seven Nations from Orlando, and a bunch off other stateside bands. Carroll and Doyle were friggin' incredible; the acoustics in the trad stage (the "Smithwicks stage" -- all the stages this year were obviously sponsored by Harp brand beers); The Prodigals were very fun -- awesome accordion, and the bassist was sick; the Clann na Cara irish stepdance school was the only one we got to see, and they were fun. …
  • Discoveries (thank You, pt. 4

    23 juin 2008, 9h49m par Piotr1981

    It's been over 4 months since I last wrote this type of entry and I've found quite a lot of bands through since then. As usual, some of them caught my fancy, and some did not This long break as well as the number of newly found (and appreaciated) groups made it somewhat difficult for me to select the ones I want to mention. However, it the end I managed to compile the following list (in random order):

    Auļi One evening I entered 'bagpipe' in the tag search engine and, among other bands, I found this 9- piece bagpipe and drum driven folk group from Latvia. The combination of bagpipe and various kinds of drums with other folk intruments and male vocal make many of their tracks extremely catchy and addictive. The two that I am especially hooked on at the moment are Auļos with its almost hipnotic rythm and Līgojami combining bagpipes and drums with a beautiful operatic female vocal. A gem.

    Blackwater Another interesting folk band found during the same search. …
  • Мартовское обострение

    22 mars 2008, 9h52m par yurikasyanov

    С давних пор повелось дарить подарки на день рождения. Мне друзья подарили вечер в ирландском пабе "Дублин", с настоящим "Гиннесом", с музыкой и весельем. Так вот, в этом пабе я впервые услышал ирландскую(кельтскую) музыку. Она мне настолько понравилась, что я стал расспрашивать бармена об исполнителе. "Blackwater", ответил он мне. Музыка завораживает, хочется слушать и слушать.