• Pop/R&B/HipHop Lyricz Game Pt. 3

    12 fév. 2007, 18h18m par Toodalimit

    1. Put your player on random
    2. Write the first line of lyrics from each song
    3. Let others guess the song and artist
    4. When a song is guessed, cross it out.
    5. If you'd like, list all of the artists used at the end of the post.

    For all who play: Do not use any search engines to look up lyrics. Use your memory and your library.

    1. Late nights, playing in the dark, and waking up inside my arms boy,Don't Forget About Us
    2. I wanna hit it til the morning, lemme get up in the middle like moni,
    3.Hey you want my love, well that's alright, well it will be there for you morning, noon and night.
    4. I couldn't even get an answer, I tried to call, but my pride wouldn't let me dial,Last Night (Feat. Keyshia Cole)
    5. I'm sittin looking out the window like damn, Trying to fix this situation
    6. Back on the road again, feelin kinda lonely and looking for the right guy to be mine.Someone to Call My Lover
    7. You either got it, or you don't, You either stand or you fall.-Say It Right