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is a German Pagan Metal band from Plauen founded in 1994, the first demo through the mist of darkness contained only a self-titled, 18-minute piece. The band got out a deal with the German label Perverted Taste , where in 1995 the debut album Hidden in the depths of the forest appeared. This takes a melodic phrase and the structure of the demos in a revised form and also contains only one (this time more than half-hour track). The band has developed since its foundation, with information on the members very cloudy. Can be found in hidden in the deep forests of the information about the occupation, it is still in the later releases no longer refers to the musicians. Solely the Album Faust to Faust is clear that Sven Hendrik Marshmallow and Leonhardt have recorded the keyboard. Since they are specially mentioned, however, is to assume that they are not the permanent members of the band belong to. The few interviews, mountain Throne, which are, usually by a Wolfgrim held.
With Wotan cult were the pieces of hunting home record published on, added to the instrumental piece Wotan cult . Was on earlier albums, preferably for the Black Metal vocals work was typical, to hunt home or Wotan cult , the proportion of clean vocals much higher. This trend should be based on fist for fist continue. Also this album was released on CD and as one, limited to 500 copies, double-LP. As a bonus, the LP was on a longer version of the dance elements .
The most recent album , and will to live life appeared on 10 February 2007. It is the length of 74 minutes on three CDs distributed spite. This album was a promo with five songs by advertised. The title of spirit travel is another version with completely different than singing on the album represented.

Discography :

1995: Through the mist of darkness ( demo )
1997: Hidden in the depths of the woods
1998: Ancient Thoughts ( EP )
2001: hunting home
2002: Wotan cult ( LP )
2004: Faust to Faust
2006: Excerpts from life and will to live (EP)
2007: life and will to live
2010: Expedition Autarktis

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