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  • Avatar de URAQT_hott
    The piano <3 [2]
  • Avatar de AndrewSaltillo
  • Avatar de kihotq
  • Avatar de AneezMom
  • Avatar de Benfolio
    Spitting his prognosis with latte halitosis.
  • Avatar de taiKox
    ben folds is amazing.
  • Avatar de farmgirlblues
    I'm the last one in my office (go, unpaid overtime!) and this song came on and.... good Lord, it's supplying a horribly appropriate soundtrack to my own personal hell.
  • Avatar de filmsrlife30
    they put Shatner in the same area because Ben produced his album.
  • Avatar de oyveychris
    Last.FM, why would you consider William Shatner in the same league as Ben Folds? Must be one of life's great mysteries.
  • Avatar de djnonplus
    you have become all the things you have run from
  • Avatar de JusticeD
    Darwin reference? The Descent of Man, anyone?
  • Avatar de harusaku
    Betraying your own values in order to be successful.
  • Avatar de stovetop99
    Fantastic !!
  • Avatar de Joesyuh
    Great musician. I would love to just hear him play piano.
  • Avatar de marijolee
    the piano...... <3
  • Avatar de Keksae
    so good... 3o)
  • Avatar de LatinaSoul
    Love Ben, it's possible to look nerdy and sexy at the same time *chuckle*
  • Avatar de Niedbala8
    love the piano
  • Avatar de dancerchick03
    I absolutely love Ben. My new favorite person.
  • Avatar de Wesbecher
    This is my hands down fave of Ben... the piano composition is DOPE!
  • Avatar de Leonod
    One hell of a composer and performer, guys like this make the music world infinitely better.
  • Avatar de Vonthin
    The Piano in this is so good, definitely my favorite song on the album,
  • Avatar de OkamiKun
    Wow, this one blew me away totally!
  • Avatar de antondsc
    Wow ....This dude has hit a note that few discover....Playful exploration !
  • Avatar de lmike1819
    Not the version on my cd..... Even better!!!!!!
  • Avatar de Kcar181
    just.. epic..
  • Avatar de dusseux
    genial bennyFO
  • Avatar de streetvendors
    I've listened to this song many times but have just discovered the banjo part.... haha I love this guy.
  • Avatar de 2coolqueenie
    it grows on you
  • Avatar de MaceoLaban
    one of my current favourites
  • Avatar de echelonstudios
    One of his best.
  • Avatar de SymphoneticFlat
    Best Ben Folds song, IMO. Such magical vocals and instrumentals.
  • Avatar de ishkabibble2831
    what ISN'T bloody awesome about this song???? I'll tell you......NOTHING! It's magnificent. I'm in love.
  • Avatar de lindseygop
    he is so perfect :(
  • Avatar de ProjectX419
    One of those song you can buy an album for! and the album rules.
  • Avatar de peaganeutro
    It's been a while I haven't listened to his music. Nice to meet him again.
  • Avatar de Boojispud
    Amazing arrangement, amazing melody. Love it.
  • Avatar de KrunchBerri
    This hits waaay too close to home. =(
  • Avatar de pinoyvegan2
    i'm not much of a fan but this one's not bad
  • Avatar de birrdofpassage
    beautiful piano bit
  • Avatar de blueskyfrank
    Nice intro
  • Avatar de misterpretender
    i'm in love!
  • Avatar de urbanrockergirl
    what a fluent play *.*
  • Avatar de xiaoguai50
    nice piano
  • Avatar de r0wiee
    oh my goodness... the piano here.
  • Avatar de adaam2
    the piano in this is orgasmic
  • Avatar de RandomlyRossy
    Top listener, yay! Love this song so much.
  • Avatar de Schfifteh
    Textbook hippie man. <3
  • Avatar de lazydavid
    Great stuff.
  • Avatar de Schfifteh
    AMAZING song. Simpley wonderful.


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