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Belly fut un groupe de musique américain formé en 1991 et composé de Tanya Donelly, alors guitariste des Throwing Muses et des Breeders, et de Fred Abong. Basé à Boston dans le Massachusetts, le groupe était constitué de quatre membres, Tanya Donelly au chant, Fred Abong à la basse, Tom Gordman à la guitare et Chris Gordman à la batterie.

Belly est un peur palestinien, aussi appelé Rebellyus.

Ahmed Balshe (أحمد بلشي) le 7 Avril 1984, Belly est… en lire plus

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  • Avatar de idkmon
    It always trips me out when the rapper Belly comes on Tidal or Spotify because he's not the 90s band Belly.
  • Avatar de TheRapNerd Belly XO
  • Avatar de RemedyRaccoon
    He is finally getting some mainstream recognition with Might Not
  • Avatar de high_as_bells
    PS: I am probably the last person on earth to catch that they were in an episode of Rick & Morty, because I was the last person on earth to catch that episode when it reran last night. I heard Mazzy Star were played in an episode of that show, but Belly's appearance was unknown to me me until then, which is admittedly the main reason I came here... To geek out about it.
  • Avatar de high_as_bells
    "Reunion announced!! We are actually going to have shows to add to this page. That makes me sooooo happy!! " <--- News to me, and cool news, too. I know it means they'll be going on the same touring circuit that all the reforming 80's-90's bands go on. The ones that are beyond my economic and travel means to attend. Shows in the UK, Shows in major cities far away from me (I get lucky if a big band I like comes to Atlanta or Nashville. Extremely lucky if they come to Birmingham), shows at big festivals I can't afford entrance to, let alone travel to. It's still cool, though nerve-wracking, to know many bands I've been into since high school but missed out on because I was too young to see them at the time (because they were all broken up by the time I was in hs) are coming back. I am happy for the bands, even if I secretly hate everyone who can afford to see them when I can't, because I am basically a living tumor incapable of functioning socially/economically. :3
  • Avatar de benxander
    The bio order should be in presented with the most popular artist with that title first. Which is, I'm afraid to say for fans of the hip-hop artist, the alt-rock band from 1991-96.
  • Avatar de clups
    Just a thought: maybe newer artists should google a band/artist name just to see if anyone has ever used it before.
  • Avatar de mwards
    Reunion announced!! We are actually going to have shows to add to this page. That makes me sooooo happy!!
  • Avatar de rosstyy
    WTF, it's not Belly from XO
  • Avatar de lebital
    LOL… I actually like 'em both bellies.

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