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Belle and Sebastian

Sleep the Clock Around (5:19)


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  • Around And Around.mp3
  • my alarm clock past 2 years
  • This song is fucking beautiful <3
  • Still a cracking track....<3
  • Fag operates the kindle was a summer baby on a horse riding a good boy who needs to teach them to do it again to poor and the
  • Beautiful <3
  • Soundtrack to my dreams [2]
  • cute song!!! feels morning listening this music
  • the standout track from the album
  • I've woken up to this song for like two years, feels so weird listening to it when I'm awake. Great alarm tune anyway, or great tune period. :)
  • Such a great track to jog to. Love it.
  • my cousin produced this song
  • whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo
  • uma das melhores musicas..
  • WOO-HOO!!!
  • love this one
  • my fav b&s track [3]
  • twee to perfection
  • I think that this was the first B+S track I ever heard. So bouncy and sweet - but what dire lyrics.
  • thanks j.p
  • Soundtrack to my dreams
  • I've been jammin' to this song since 7th grade; I'm now pushing 24. A definite highlight of the three B&S concerts I've been lucky enough to attend. Never fails to wholly beguile me.
  • One of my all time favorites!!
  • This song gives me energy and makes me think that everything is possible. Love it!
  • This sounds so sweet, it almost makes me feel like I'm a kid again with nothing else to do but watching Nickelodeon.
  • my fav b&s track [2]
  • I can never understand why I am such a sucker for simple and repetitive melodies.
  • Just perfect.
  • B&S have never really done it for me, but then I heard 10 seconds of this and fell in love with it. Might just have to give them another go...
  • This is tied for my favorite Belle & Sebastian song <3 I love Isobel singing in the back on this song. It makes it the perfect song that it is.
  • this song never gets old for me <3
  • Makes me smile.
  • I really love this one.
  • unusual
  • WOW !!!!
  • Such a great song!
  • Makes me happy.
  • the best!
  • Barbaroooooooooo
  • lurve the background sounds.
  • "But it takes more than this to make sense of the day, yeah it takes more than milk to get rid of the taste" One of my favourite lyrics of all time
  • musical masterpiece.
  • so annoying
  • best from astrap
  • me encantan...
  • beautiful
  • i just looked up the lyrics for this song and underneath was this massive ad for scientology. scary
  • My favorite song in the world. For years and years.
  • Kudos on the 'Day of the Lords' link, it was bugging me which song was playing in my head whenever I heard this track!
  • great beats


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