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  • Avatar de poishec
    this artist page is a bit messy
  • Avatar de ZombieXBoy
    The Post-Punk Beau is extremely hit or miss!
  • Avatar de 168dave
    When will get it sorted and have seperate pages for bands with the same name????
  • Avatar de flashbleu
    I've put some stuff about the 70s Beau on the profile. Since most of the top tracks are by him, it seems only fair to acknowledge his existence.
  • Avatar de Satoshi-sama
  • Avatar de perfectgarden
    they disbanded Oct 25
  • Avatar de Kajinohana
    They're going to disband in march T_T
  • Avatar de xemirii
    lol wtf? A picture of BeaU but the description is some guy from San Fran? It should at least say it's also the name of the J-rock band.
  • Avatar de FadedSkyy
  • Avatar de tebayochan
    I'm using the unicode [artist]beaU[/artist] so there's no confusion between all the bands called Beau. XD
  • Avatar de Kajinohana
    new pic :x
  • Avatar de akuma2636
    If you wanna fix up the Japanese Band then tag it beaU if you can. It's a lot easier to distinguish between bands that way :)
  • Avatar de oZEROo
    oh i spot a thai title in the top tracks XO maybe that's why they keep on changing beaU to Beau, cause the other artist's called like that? ahh, but the japanese beaU is obviously more popular here >O<
  • Avatar de oZEROo
    *sigh* oh man it's back to the wrong spelling again D:
  • Avatar de ando_hades
  • Avatar de chryseis
    Closest thing I have found next to SCISSOR's sound. T_T
  • Avatar de Kajinohana
    Vote for the cute new pix <3
  • Avatar de ando_hades
    セキlala owns my soul >:3
  • Avatar de ando_hades
    wow! haven't realized it until yet. *joins in the yays*
  • Avatar de oZEROo
    yay for the correct name again! beaU! <3
  • Avatar de Kajinohana
    indeed XD
  • Avatar de oZEROo
    funny that i don't see a single song of that other band in the charts XD
  • Avatar de Kajinohana
    yep, there is a thai band named Beau ( without the U in capital letter ) with female vocals XD
  • Avatar de oZEROo
    wtf at the tags O_O' 'thai'? 'female vocalist'??
  • Avatar de Kajinohana
    Vote for the new pic :)
  • Avatar de oshare messed up the name ==;
  • Avatar de oZEROo
    ok why did the caps change? O_o it used to be beaU (correct), and now it's Beau (incorrect -_-)
  • Avatar de spaceromantic
    woot top fan go me ._.
  • Avatar de qakimbo3
    so hot
  • Avatar de un_insomnia
    woh it's a really nice band. Btw beau means beautiful, handsome in French ^^
  • Avatar de oshare
    beaU = <333

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