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Beastie Boys

Dr. Lee, PhD (4:49)

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Jungle jungle, Merlin production company
Black Ark International Branch presents
Coffin going around, have you seen Mister Brown?
Coffin going around going around the town

Paroles Beastie Boys – Dr. Lee, PhD


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  • Lee "Scratch" Perry ftw.
  • r.i.p. MCA
  • The Best part about Dr. Lee PhD. is how the 4 of them collaborate to tell a story, and the Beastly Brothers even jump in with some crazy noises and sound effects at several random moments. I feel like this song could have used an animation or a sick live video from Mr. Hornblower. This is such an amazing song/story/message, even14 years later...
  • YAH, Many vices made more clear, Mo clear, MORE CLEAR! [starts a parable]: Jungle jungle, Merlin production company, Black Ark International Branch, presents!: "Coffin' going around (CAWWW)" Brown? ["Uh-HUH", UH-HUH"] Whispering voices... ["Uh-HUH", UH-HUH"] WHISPering voices ["Uh-HUH", UH-HUH"] Whispering Voices, "Have you seen Mister Brown?" They who want to control: always lose control. They who wants everything: always lose E V E R Y thing! Coffin going around, have you seenHave you seen Mister Brown? Coughing going around.... GOING AROUND the town. Have you seen Mr. Mister Brown in town? ("Have you seen Mister Brown?!") ["UH-huh... UH- HUH... UH - HUH]
  • They who want total control: always lose control! Some always lose their soul... for silver and gold - Silver and gold are by none! : Walk in the name of [Jesus Christ of Nazareth!] Rise up and WALK! rise up and WALK! Rise up and WALK! rise up and WAAALK!! A Reapin' time, weepin' time and reapin' time. Weepin' time and CREEPIN' time. Reap what you sow!!! Rockin' [ OR rotten?] comin' from the weepin' mind... And all that I reap is mine! So you can not reap what is mine, say...... "Was in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth - Black ganja cigarette" Kindly weed and ganja marijuana lung's breath. Rise up and WALK! Rise up and clap! Rise up and hap. Rise up and lift up your cap! Lift up your cap - and rise up and hap. Do the THUNDA clap! ("OH YEAH") [***CRASH***] Great BALL of fire FROM the sky! [***CRASH***] And reap your time! Weep YOUR mind - Weepin' time, reapin' time. Harvest, harvest time: You reap what you sow, I reap what I sow!
  • [Organ break phases in and out] COFFIN going around, have you seen Mister Clown? He used to call himself Mister Brown! ["RARRRAGH!!!"] - ("And king sat down!") He no longer miss the town. He not know that I miss the crown, and missed the ground.... What's comin' up from under ground... : we'll weep in time. I. N. R. I. Production that takes over France... With Vu-Doo Dance... and Science Arts! Science Machine and Science dream... ("Boo-boo-boo-boo-boo") This is a living dream! ("Boo-do-doo-doo!) from the Beastly Brothers, ("Vuh-va-voo-voo") and the Beastly Boys with their Beastly TOYS. To give you some Beastly JOYS, so put on your Beastly Drawers, and show me a Beastly pose! Heh-heh-heh! (Clapping) [We hit it then... !mumble something something]
  • may be the weakest track on the greatest album.. or I just miss a thing =)
  • Rise up and clap!
  • lee scratch perry is the man, a true dubman in his own stylleee
  • whisperin voices burn it 2

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