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  • I've been listening to this band for about four years now & I've been annoyed at the "post-rock" tag being one of the main tags for about four years now.
  • All the lyrics, accurate (for a change), link from their website, [url=]here.[/url]
  • saw these guys last august, the opener (young magic) was fantastic, one of the better sets/usage of vintage video i've seen- really complimented the music and i hadn't heard any of their stuff prior, so that was an extra bonus. however BiH's set was ehhh cause the bass was EQ'd too high and it drowned out everything else. plus the lights were meh. but they tried, and the material otherwise was really solid/tight. and yes, these guys are far too underrated.
  • last album was better. but this album is great too.
  • The new seems kinda droney. Can't connect. No standout.
  • Saw them blow out Ann Arbor, MI with just Beast Rest Forth Mouth material. Amazing live force. Then I Love You, It's Cool came out, with a fairly dramatic change, but it was fresh and original and moving oftentimes.
  • Was emphatic about Bear in Heaven until this new one. Times of disappoint.
  • New album's not bad.
  • well, they keep getting better and better
  • not a big fan of the new album...
  • these guys do not get the attention they deserve
  • Lovely.
  • good thing i like it.
  • неплохо, ваще заебись, правда иногда слишком американщиной пахнет, но привыкнуть можно.
  • Well... I like the cover art. I think the concept behind it is multiverses/extra planes of dimensions? Like for all we know, our 3D world is just a 2D surface in a much larger world.
  • Time Is Over One Day Old <3
  • such an amazing new album guys, sorry for my hearing of leaked tracks. Wanna LP and show in Moscow again
  • oh my oh myyy
  • The new song sounds amazing! I'm so excited about the new album ...hope they decide to come to Mexico City soon ( *-*)
  • New song!
  • Vampire Academy brought me here.
  • ...yeah me too. 'I love it's cool' is one of my favorite albums.
  • Love these guys.
  • Back at it again
  • they have entered to the studio ...4th album is coming soon! :D
  • I don't understand why I like I Love You, It's Cool so much but I'm gonna roll with it
  • cool band
  • lately, i´m really into this band, hope someday they come to Chile ;)
  • fucking awesome!! i can't stop hear this ^^
  • this band makes me feel invincible
  • Is a good song.
  • "Sinful Nature" video is a 90s acid sweetheart xxx
  • Fuck that haters, the new album is beautiful
  • "Giddup / C'mon"
  • Superb mini-gig
  • "World of Freakout" <3
  • liked the way
  • great!!!
  • Smashing new album!
  • great!
  • Latest album is magnificent.
  • fuck yeeeah! just a couple of weeks more and I'll be in their concert! :D
  • 23.06.2012 Barcelona Razzmatazz/ it was coooool
  • cool
  • I'm listening to the 2nd album...that's a some weird thing O_o
  • :( the only track I like in the new album is "Cool Light", I'm goin back to BRFM.
  • just. wow.


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