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Mesmerizing The Ultra

Mesmerizing The Ultra

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  • Easily Bassnectar's best album. Too bad it's so freaking hard to find... It could really stand a re-release. [2]
  • Easily Bassnectar's best album. Too bad it's so freaking hard to find... It could really stand a re-release.
  • lol @ below. [4]
  • looooool @ below. [3]
  • lol @ below. [2]
  • lol @ below.
  • The eclectic sound of Bassnectar caught my attention almost instantly. The first song I heard was “Blow” off of their 2005 album “Mesmerizing the Ultra.” The track begins with the fusion of a vocal sound, beat box and a deep, heavy bass line that grabs the attention of the listener. The unique mix of these sounds is very characteristic of Bassnectar as most of their music has an original sound. As the song progresses a funky drum beat kicks in, leading to a break in which the drums drop out and the beat box comes to the forefront of the song. I really liked that although the basic composition of the sounds used in the song stay the same, the sound grows with time as different things get emphasized. Just as the song “Blow” begins with heavy bass and a subtle beat box, it turns into the opposite as the beat box becomes the bass and is scratched up by a DJ. Soon after hearing this song I had to go out and buy the album.
  • As a whole “Mesmerizing the Ultra” cannot be labeled by any specific genre or sound. The album morphs into different types of music, combining elements of hip-hop, dub, IDM, drum and bass, and just about any other electronic sound you’ve ever heard. One thing that does seem to flow through every song is hard hitting drums. One of my favorite things to hear in a song is the use of double and half time drums, which are constantly being thrown in and out throughout the album. Another aspect of the album that really stands out is the use of different vocal sounds, such as laughter and breathing. Bassnectar takes these natural and acoustic sounds and synthesizes them into bass lines and melodies
  • For example, the song “Breathing” is built around a simple breath sample that is used in different ways throughout the track. In addition one of my favorite songs off of the album is “Laughter Crescendo,” which features a sample of a young girl laughing. The track has a complex synthesized melody that blends perfectly with the different tones of laughter. The song also uses many features of modern synthesis (such as frequency oscillation) to create a sort of “wobbly” sound, very characteristic of Dub step.
  • The album also brings up many political issues, such as freedom of speech and censorship. Music is the perfect medium to spread these types of thoughts and the track “Inspire the Empathic” does just that. The speech and composition of the track lead the listener to think that it is some hypothetical futuristic situation, leading to a bit of shock when the listener is told “by 2000, the overwhelming majority of mass media was owned by only 6 companies…” These issues are relevant when discussing electronic music (whether present or twenty years ago) as this type of music has turned into a youth movement and almost a sort of peaceful revolution.

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