• 5. REVIEW - Various - D-Effect-Ive

    14 oct. 2011, 21h47m par deadevil13

    Various - D-Effect-Ive
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    Brought: 14th October 2011 Paid: 50p

    I don't know what to say about this one really. No one will ever come across this album in their life if I'm honest, and I must be the only silly bugger to pick up something like this!

    I knew what I was getting when i did pick it up. Its a bass test CD, used mainly for "testing" sub-woofers in cars. Now I actually don't own a copy of a bass test CD, although I do have Bass Mekanik's Reload: Greatest Hits - which does the job just perfectly and contains a good 36 tracks of bass songs - some which are quite good in their own right! It also comes with a couple of 'sweeps' (thats when the frequency either increases or decreases slow or fast) and all the "test frequencies" you'll need (20Hz to 99Hz).

    Anyway this was 50 pence, and so I thought I'd give it a try - and hey it may have some good stuff on it.

    Well sort of. It has about 30 minutes of bass 'choons' as they term it, which are so-so; they do the job at least. …