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BUCK-TICK est un groupe en activité de rock/new-wave japonais formé en 1985.

Leur style est protéiforme et en constante évolution même si on a tendance à les classer dans le visual-kei. En effet, malgré la sobriété visuelle leurs prestations scéniques sont très scénarisées.

Le groupe est composé de : Atsushi Sakurai (chant), Imai Hisashi (guitare), Hoshino Hidehiko (guitare), Higuchi Yutaka (basse) et Yagami Toll (batterie).

On leur doit plusieurs génériques d'anime : XXX Holic, Nightwalker, Trinity Blood.

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  • Avatar de AsuchiiMeow2
  • Avatar de Jondesu
    New look =
  • Avatar de Macrozels
    Drums are significantly better than Toll's (especially if we acknowledge how talented Downy's drummer really is), both guitarists showcase moderately varied but very intriguing riffcraft and above all: Atsushi finally found a great fit for his nicely aged voice. Definitely the best of 2015.
  • Avatar de crossparallel
    By the way, I know this kind of long-long post isn't really suitable for, apologies ^^ That's why [shameless plug] I created this: I really want there to be some place to discuss everything B-T, with proper reply system and support for posts more informative than "I like this!"
  • Avatar de crossparallel
    (Continued) Composition-wise, well, I can't say the songs live up to the Imai Hisashi standard of musical inventiveness. But that's one impossibly tough standard to live up to, even Imai sometimes doesn't! I find myself really enjoying them though. Not analysing or deconstructing them, like I sometimes do, just "Man this feels good!" Finally, if you Angeltearx still feel the sound is uninspired, perhaps you can point me to more music that combines these elements, any music, because honestly, I've been searching, since I loved it so, and I didn't get anywhere.
  • Avatar de crossparallel
    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by immature. [The lyrics being so gothy goth? But then, I'm not sure what mature is supposed to be, so I'll leave this one be]. But man do I disagree about uninspired and boring! Things I love about The Mortal's sound: 1) Sakurai using the way his voice has aged as a means of expression rather than a disadvantage. I don't think Imai in his compositions, being his youthful self, ever considers this, and I find Sakurai's vocals absolutely fascinating here. 2) The guitars! Okay, I love distorted guitars. I also love clear guitars. More than that, though, I love songs with negative space, where the silence can be heard. I have all of that here, so I'm on seventh heaven. 3) The drums. That's the hardest one to explain, because I didn't like them at all in the beginning, but I think they're just beautiful now. Not knowing any music theory, I can only explain metaphorically: they remind me of impressionistic brushstrokes.
  • Avatar de Angeltearx
    Not satisfied about the Mortal project. I was expecting a heavy goth sound, but it felt uninspired, boring and immature to me, for some reason.
  • Avatar de crossparallel
    I, I, I! But of course I will, the previews sounded lovely.
  • Avatar de Vorpax
    so, what about the mortal project? whos gonna buy it?
  • Avatar de soIanin
    BT is always reliable for a good jam. One of my first j-rock loves <3

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