• List of Female Fronted Metal Bands ~Over 1.000 Bands~

    10 juin 2011, 20h15m par MrsAlexiLaiho19

    I know that quite a few lists like this exist already but I felt like doing my own. The main reason I wanted to do this list is because I've never seen a list that includes the style of the bands and if you're searching for some specific style you have to go through all this bands and it will probably take you a long time until you find what you are looking for. So this should make things a lot easier.

    Another thing I want to mention is that not all the bands in this list are really metal, but they have metal influences or some other connection to it.

    If you know some more bands I didn't include in here than please let me know


    A City Serene - Post-Hardcore/Screamo from the United States
    A Dark Performance - Melodic Gothic Metal from Bolivia
    A Light Divided - Pop Metal/Rock from the United States
    A Million miles - Stoner Metal from Germany
    A New Dawn - Melodic Gothic Metal from the Netherlands
  • What is going on with the indie spirit in Slovenia?

    14 mars 2007, 17h27m par gyzar

    Ok, I`ve already written something about marketing in alternative music on my blog. Later, I was thinking that if you do absolutuley no other marketing than concerts, it takes a really long period of time to get known. So, what are the "not silly" ways of "making your music go global"?
    Arctic Monkeys got world-wide just by distributing their home-burned CDs at their shows and making their music downloadable (both for FREE, to make it clear). Their story became a press-phenomenom; Alex Turner`s statement about the unknown bands, who sell their demos at their shows was quoted so many times that every blockhead, who is interested in music, must have heard it.
    Well, not in Slovenia. Every unknown bastard that owns a guitar wants to sell you his first two songs here! Where is the indie spirit?
    On Myspace, bands can share their songs with their fans; below each uploaded song are four buttons: "Download", "Rate", "Comments" and "Lyrics". …