• Electric Relaxation

    23 fév. 2009, 1h46m par poetoflove

    Relaxation, for your mind, for your soul.
    Rest your heart, rest your feet, and stretch your toes.
    Close your eyes, take deep sighs.
    This feeling holds no tears, no need to cry.

    Relax yourself girl, peace will land.
    Relax yourself girl, take my hand.
    Electric Relaxation, babe, lets dance.
    Electric Relaxation, babe, let me introduce you to my romance.

    Tingling through your nerves,
    Vibrating along your curves.
    Behold, I hold its power amongst my hands.
    Runs through me like the sand running through the fingers of your hand.

    Let me caress your body and influence your mind.
    So blissful… you’d be addicted to its touch.
    Take my hands so we can unwind.
    I see your loneliness; the fate of you should not be of such.

    He don’t have what I have,
    No one is like me.
    I got that stuff no one has,
    Trust me, just come and see.

    Love and Happiness await you on the other side.
    Peace and Romance will be your travel agent and your tour guide.