• Mix of the Month - June 2012

    30 juin 2012, 23h19m par jurlacher

    Another month down - a busy, busy one, but I suppose that's pretty much the norm these days. I've gotten a lot done, there's lots left to do, and I've spent most of my free time trying not to melt. Looking forward to my trip to Edmonton next month if only to escape from the horrific Windsor weather.

    As for the music, it's pretty much the standard mix of knowns and unknowns, with an ooey gooey centre of slightly stranger than usual tracks. Notable selections include a funky collaboration from St. Vincent and David Byrne, the psychelectronic and largely incoherent stylings of Alt-J, 16-bit hip hop, folk/country hip hop, and gay pride hip hop. Special kudos this month go to B. Dolan for an album-quality mixtape featuring not only the aforementioned gay pride song, but also thoughtful tracks about racism and the dishonesty of military recruitment. And it's catchy to boot!



    1. Mark Crozer and The Rels - Broken Out In Love
  • Atari Blitzkrieg - August Plush

    19 août 2009, 16h49m par godsendant

    Peace all,

    Atari Blitzkrieg will be releasing a new compilation that slices down his 200+ songs, 14 EP's and full-length album into a free download. In addition to previously released material, the collection will include music off of his new releases as well as unreleased material.

    The EP features appearances from Royce Da 5'9, LMNO, Vast Aire, Wildchild, Motion Man, Sadat X, Rapper Pooh, Breez Evahflowin, Groovie Mann, Krohme and John Lennon.

    Production by Krohme, Moka Only, Bronze Nazareth, The Beautiful Chaos Project, Digital Fiend, Marink D., DeNovo, Karl Lazlo, Jazz Spastiks, Mackeralsalad and Atari Blitzkrieg. Cuts by Mr. Len and Chinch 33.

    It will be available through Atari's mailing list at www.iamsubstance.com, just add your email address and you'll receive it on August 24th.

    Krohme Atari Blitzkrieg
  • Birthday Groink Playlist, 30/7/08

    1 août 2008, 2h03m par JyotiMishra


    Birthdays are a time for sombre reflection. A time to assay your life, sorting out the glittery bits from the shittery bits. Yesterday was my 42nd birthday, a time for creaking memories of better times to seep out, decades circling like autumn leaves, wheezing harmonia of regret.

    Fuck that! I DJed instead!

    I didn't make a big deal of it before the event, in fact only my closest mates knew I'd deliberately booked DJing on my birthday evening. I didn't want cards, I wanted to play people lovely new music, to see them smile and nod their heads or play stupid air metal guitar.

    And that all happened! :-D

    It could *easily* have gone tits-up but it didn't. Loads of people turned out last night for the second Bzangy Groink at Bar Lisi. I got requests that made me happy (ie, not anything in the current charts), peeps came and asked me what tracks were and it was everything I could have wanted from a birthday.