• Fairport's Cropredy Convention @ Cropredy, Oxfordshire, August 2005

    12 jan. 2008, 23h42m par queeniefox

    We finally made it to the field at around 3pm just in time to meet up with chevalier2 and go down to the front to watch Uiscedwr. I'd never heard anything of this band before but they were very good. The female singer/violinist was really nice and interacted well with the crowd. I didn't care for her voice very much but her fiddling was great. Kevin Dempsey performed with them - I'm not sure if he's always in the band or not because the the programme wasn't very clear. He didn't sing as much as I would have liked but he did do 'I Know My Love' which I really like. I just love his voice. The third member of the band was a bodhran player who didn't say much but did so a couple of excellent solos, although I was sitting on the floor for the best one. (I made it almost through the whole set but couldn't quite get to the end.) It was raining pretty heavily during the set so I went and bought a hat from the merch stall to keep the water off my glasses - I feel that being able to see is always a good thing.
  • Cropredy Festival @ Cropredy, Oxfordshire, August 2004

    12 jan. 2008, 23h06m par queeniefox

    It's hard to write about this because this morning I felt myself getting upset that this year might have been the last one. The thought was in everyone's mind last night of course but the atmosphere was hopeful (this is mainly due to the wondrous Sir Simon of Nicol who deserves a medal for last night.) and because the night had been so wonderful it was impossible to feel sad. I don't want to get upset now because I want to remember how I felt last night. I don't think I can write a proper linear account of the two days so I shall write down a series of moments, serious and light and not in the right order. There's a lot of them, and unfortunately you had to be there, but indulge me.

    - The arrival on to the site and the feeling of happiness that seeing the stage for the first time produces every year.

    - Camping for the first time. (Thanks Emma!) Going to sleep with the noise of the rest of the campsite around me, something I've never experienced before. …