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  • also to hell with all these dubstep stooges
  • Honestly don't think Vince Venom is a nazi..... if he was, why would he tour in Asia?? Never heard of white neo-nazis doing that.... and he even said Satanic Warmaster was not intended to be seen as NSBM...
  • Werewolf WASP Attack.
  • Great oldschool heavy fucking metal!
  • The longer I listen to it, the more I have to agree that it is one of the best HM acts in those days. Who cares about the future when Accept and W.A.S.P. will be too old to enter the stage. Armour will take their place easily.
  • @Morbidni_Isus The lyrics are actually "Street metal strike, City burns like psyche" Also, fuck off with the dubstep tags.
  • Ебаные патлачи, зашкварили очередного дабстепера.
  • Need more live shows....
  • There is no return from atomic winter!
  • So underrated...
  • There is another band called "Armour". They are a Heavy Metal / Power Metal band from China with female vocals :
  • v That's one of the most idiotic things I've ever read. Hope you were kidding.
  • who cares about Nazism, in this day and age who isn't a little anti-semitic???
  • There's not even anything indicating Armour is Nazi in their lyrics. Yes, I know some of the members came from a black metal band, but doesn't necessarily mean they are.
  • Need new stuffffffff
  • nazi or not - they rule
  • dubstep????! wtf
  • Nazgul !!
  • new album is great, but the demo songs were more catchy [2]
  • best band evuuuuuuuur xD
  • reviewed "armour"
  • heavy metal dubstep
  • Come to Austria!
  • SW is a far more interesting project. The vocals are a lot better for a start.
  • respect <3
  • rzeź
  • They played a new song on Saturday, really looking forward to the new album!!
  • Come to Austria Bastards!
  • fucken delete this metal shit from tags!!!111
  • I like heavy metal drinkers (sonichouse tape)more than the song from armour lp, still, awesome releases, pure fuckin heavy metal
  • A group for fans of the label [url=]Tectonic[/url]!
  • heavy metal FOREVO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what is erecus???
  • new album is great, but the demo songs were more catchy
  • Hey look, that guy from Satanic Warmaster CAN make some good music when he tries.
  • LOL!!! Pure fucking Erecus metal!!! [3]
  • Pure fucking Erecus metal!!!! [2]
  • Pure fucking Erecus metal!!!!
  • nazi scum.
  • anybody eklse think this soundslike evil fastway?
  • you are an idiot sir ginge
  • ignore the terrible heavy metal, DUBSTEP ALL THE WAY! :D
  • I just fucking love the new album. Srsly.
  • just got the new album in mail, awesome stuff.


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