• One Year & A Day - The 5inch Files Vinyl Release Out Now!

    5 mars 2008, 13h08m par EquinoxRecords


    Oh yes, the first ever 5” vinyl series is available now and it looks and sounds awesome! 250 limited hand numbered boxes - each including 5 different vinyl discs in the size of a CD.
    We had amazing feedback on the free download and also a lot of pre-orders to the vinyl edition. So, to still get a copy, you should definitely HURRY UP!!
    If you’re from Germany, Austria or Switzerland you can get copies at HHV.de, Vinylkingz.de, Dense Records, Sound-station.at and Sonicrecords.ch.
    Kudos Records from the UK is doing the international release. Stores worldwide should be able to order through them!

    Lastly, we’d like to mention once again that this 5inch vinyl series only was a teaser for the upcoming full length double vinyl, cd and digital download release „One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol.2“. It will feature music by Arcsin, Deckard, Ceschi, Geste, Free The Robots, Vangel, Emynd and many others… more soon!

    (01) Vangel – Wake Up
  • One Year & A Day - The 5inch Files Out Now!

    8 jan. 2008, 14h14m par EquinoxRecords


    Equinox Records proudly presents the first ever 5” series worldwide! “One Year & A Day – The 5inch Files” features ten awesome tracks on 5 different records that will be available in a limited collector’s box of 25 handnumbered copies. Artists contributing to this special project are Vangel, Misanthrop, Aqua Luminus III., Mnemotrauma, J.Baracuz, B-Ju, SmoKey131, DJ Snatchatec & The Raincoatman. Release date of the vinyl is January 25th. Download the complete compilation for free now! – and try to get one of the limited vinyl boxes later…

    (01) Vangel – Wake Up
    (02) Misanthrop – Commercialism
    (03) DJ Scientist feat. DJ Snatchatec. – Rewind & Refine
    (04) Aqua Luminus III. – Uplock The Poprock
    (05) Mnemotrauma – Shining
    (06) J. Baracuz – Yellow Cab
    (07) SmoKey131 – Got To Keep On Searchin’
    (08) B-Ju – Soja Extra
    (09) Aqua Luminus III. & Misanthrop – Sternhagelblau (5inch Edit)