• 2009

    23 juin 2010, 13h36m par sarco_pl

    Ad Hominem - Dictator - A Monument Of Glory 10/10

    Peste Noire - Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor 9,5/10

    Witchmaster - Trucizna 9/10
    Werewolf - The Order of Vril 9/10
    Saltus - Triumf 9/10
    Alcest / Les Discrets 9/10 /
    Nihill - Grond 9/10
    Trist - Willenskraft 9/10

    Furia - Płoń 8,5/10
    Solar Wisdom - The temple of honour 8,5/10
    Rome - Flowers from exile 8,5/10
    Funeral Mist - Maranatha 8,5/10
    M8L8TH - Nepokolebimaja Vera 8,5/10
    Urfaust - Einsiedler 8,5/10
    L'Acephale - Stahlhartes gehäuse 8,5/10
    Svarttjern - Misanthropic Path Of Madness 8,5/10
    Excoriate - On Pestilent Winds 8,5/10
    Urfaust & Joyless - Split 8,5/10

    Infernal War - Conflagrator 8/10
    Furia - Grudzień za Grudniem 8/10
    FDS - XII.07 8/10
    Actum Inferni - Kres Panowania Ery Ludzi 8/10
    Bustum - The Return of Hate 8/10
    Strandhogg - Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis) 8/10
    Plaga - demo 8/10
    Xaos Oblivion - Antithesis of Creation 8/10
    Austere - To Lay Like Old Ashes 8/10
  • Wolfnacht - Dawn Of Heathens Review

    23 oct. 2007, 23h45m par Wolfnacht88

    Right. Im on the third track of this album, and already I think it is better than the last two Wolfnacht releases, the sub-par and filler-filled "Night Of The Werewolves" and the NSBM/RAC sample-heavy "Totan Fur W.O.T.A.N". So, apart from to show the differences, dont expect me to talk about those much, no, I'm going to compare this release to the one which - to be quite honest - so far (I'm listening to Dawn Of Heathens as I review it) is clearly the best Wolfnacht full-length, "Heidentum".

    The second track, "Wild Hunt" (the first track, "Kampf-Krieg-Seig" is more of an intro) gets off to a frankly excellent start, It sounds entirely like it could have been on "Heidentum", but wasnt. The Guitar tone is the same, that beautiful hollow and raspy treble-filled tone. I swear Athalwolf is using the same drum machine as he did in "Heidentum", as the drums have the same tone and feel to them. …