• Mud On Your Face, You Big Disgrace, The Police Kicks Your Can All Over The Place TW…

    11 juin 2008, 10h19m par Indy44

    Sat 7 Jun – TW Classic

    So yeah, I'm listening to some good old fashioned metalcore at the moment so I felt the time was right to write down my thoughts on TW Classic, that took place last weekend. First of all, I'm having exams at the moment and I'm supposed to study so I went to Werchter around six o'clock in the evening, "missing" Milow and Juanes in the process. Fortunately, I read in the papers that I didn't miss a lot, which was what I expected in the first place.

    The journey went quite swift, but once we arrived in Werchter, it is a real, as we weird Flemish people say 'heksenketel' or 'mierennest', whichever floats your boat. Finally finding some parking space on the pitch of KFC Werchter, we still had to walk about half an hour to get to the site of the festival. Clouds were abundant in the sky, but fortunately, the Gods of Squalls and Squalls of Rain decided not to let them burst. While walking to the entrance of the festival, we heard The Scabs from afar. …
  • Concert Report - The Police - San Diego 2008

    5 juin 2008, 21h16m par ripplemusic

    When it comes to The Police, I feel like I kinda’ got the shaft. After the release of Synchronicity, the band set out on a grand tour of the world, sold something like eight million copies of the album, and then disbanded. Like millions of kids my age, I never had the opportunity to catch a live performance, hence my feelings of shaftedness. But, I never lost faith that they would get back together, tour, and then I could forgive them for leaving me in the lurch for all these years. Remember folks, it’s all about me.

    Fast forward to the present and the news of a Police reunion tour. Yippee! I can finally cross something off that daunting list of things I need to get done before I die. GASP! Have you seen these ticket prices? No matter, I have things I can sell . . . like organs (life sustaining, not musical.)

    As is to be expected from a reunion tour, the set list was like listening to a deluxe edition of a greatest hits package. “Message in a Bottle,” “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da,” “Walking On The Moon…
  • Desert Island Discs

    3 mai 2008, 9h04m par twitchimus

    So I got to thinking about the BBC show Desert Island Discs, where the idea is to talk about what 8 pieces of music you'd take with you if you were stranded on a desert island. If you like, you can assume that you only get a 32MB MP3 player.

    You're also allowed to take a book (some people seem to chose complete works, such as Dickens or Christie) (the Bible and Complete Works of Shakespeare are already on the island), and an (inanimate) luxury item of no survival value. Apparently you can also take a single album as an alternative (not quite sure of the rules there).

    Here, then, after considerable thinking, is my list. Note that this is not in any particular order; that is, my first track does not necessarily rank higher than my last.

    1. Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
    Performer Sting
    Composer Sting
    CD Title The Soul Cages
    Track 4

    This track is perhaps my all-time favourite track ever. The bassline and drumming are just superb. …
  • Inaugural Journal Post, or, YATTQP

    2 mai 2008, 13h39m par twitchimus

    So, this is one of the multitudinous Top Ten quiz thingys. I figured
    that I might as well hurl myself on that particular bandwagon as a
    starter to my journal. Yeah, it's taken a year and a half to
    post, but hey, that's life.

    Name your top 10 artists played on

    1. The Police
    2. Sting
    3. Garbage
    4. Aimee Mann
    5. Andy Summers
    6. The Cure
    7. Eric Serra
    8. The Whitlams
    9. Alanis Morissette
    10. Gary Moore

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6 (The Cure)?
    I'm not sure, but I think it was Close to Me, on Rage late one night.

    What is your favourite album of 2 (Sting)?
    I really like Ten Summoner's Tales. A superbly crafted album, with an absolutely awesome lineup. I must say, though, that The Soul Cages comes a very close second.

    What is your favourite lyric that 4 (Aimee Mann) has sung?
    From Ghost World, on the [album
    artist=Aimee Mann]Bachelor No. 2[/album] album:

    'Cause I'm bailing this town
    Or tearing it down
    Or probably more like hanging around
  • for KBRP

    18 fév. 2008, 13h27m par Uhwelluh

    more donations to the local low-powered radio station. These'll wind up in the loosely defined "Contemporary Jazz" category.

    Gato Barbieri - Chapter Three: Viva Emiliano Zapata
    Carla Bley - Dinner Music
    Don Byron - Romance With the Unseen
    Chick Corea - Verve Jazz Masters 3
    Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Buck Jump
    Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny - Beyond the Missouri Sky
    Keith Jarrett - Silence
    Andy Summers - Peggy's Blue Skylight
    Jacky Terrasson - Alive
    World Saxophone Quartet - Breath of Life
  • The Police, Auckland, 19/1/08

    27 jan. 2008, 11h34m par holychameleon

    Sat 19 Jan – The Police

    Supporting The Police were Fiction Plane and Fergie.

    Starting off right on time at 7:30pm were Fiction Plane- I only found out a while before the show that their frontman is Sting's son, so that altered my perceptions of them a bit. Overall I quite enjoyed them: despite not having heard any studio recordings from them, they sounded vaguely like The Killers with some good instrumentation, perhaps a touch of Police sound as well? Anyway they were cool, though not many people seemed to dig them, as with any opening band.

    I wasn't keen at all on seeing Fergie, so after Fiction Plane I went to walk around and get some food for my lazy companions and missed the first few minutes. I did -hear- it though, cringing so hard at the opening lines of some recorded voice, "the Dutchess is coming!" etc, very cheesy in my opinion.

    However when I actually sat down I could see she knew how to put on a good show. Having a full dance group of about 7 people and a full backing band there was a lot to look at. …
  • Thu 24 Jan – The Police

    25 jan. 2008, 7h23m par TheWhimWham

    Thu 24 Jan – The Police

    From my blog, on the Sydney concert (The Police):

    Bloody hell, that was amazing.

    They opened with Message in a Bottle, ended with Roxanne, then completed the encores with the classic finale, Next To You. At least 15 other tracks were included beyond that.

    The highlights:

    Stewart Copeland's moment to shine was his percussion-work on Wrapped Around Your Finger. Bloody awesome -- the guy’s a legend and one of the best rock drummers/percussionists aroundHole In My Life rocked outAndy Summers cranked out some blistering solos in the most unlikely of placesSting really knows how to work a crowd

    What was just the best thing ever was the fact that almost every song had a fresh arrangement that allowed Summers a lot more breathing room than the originals. Copeland's creativity just consistently blows me away. And Sting had a beard that he grew in Byron Bay.

    The whole thing just felt looser and more improvised, even though it was all obviously well-rehearsed. …
  • Not exactly my dream Police, but close!

    12 jui. 2007, 15h30m par DudeTheMath

    Wed 11 Jul – The Police, Fiction Plane

    No one seems to have reviewed Tuesday night's Miami show, so you'll have to rely on my memory for the setlist. The first couple and the last plus all the encores I'm sure of; the ones in the middle are a little fuzzier (as to order):

    Message in a Bottle
    Synchronicity II
    Walking on the Moon
    When the World Is Running Down
    Don't Stand So Close to Me
    Driven To Tears
    Wrapped Around Your Finger and
    The Bed's Too Big Without You
    Truth Hits Everybody
    The only one that used any video effects, namely an animated T. Rex skeleton walking around (mostly the feet) superimposed on the normal video of the musicians:
    Walking In Your Footsteps
    De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
    Invisible Sun
    Can't Stand Losing You
    And closing with:
    Encore 1:
    King of Pain
    So Lonely
    Encore 2:
    Every Breath You Take
    Encore 3:
    Next To You

    The opening act seems to have the distinguishing feature of being fronted by Sting's son, Joe Sumner. …
  • Amazing.

    5 jui. 2007, 17h31m par jw1985

    Mon 2 Jul – The Police

    St Louis - Scottrade Center

    To me, this concert definitely lived up to all the hype and was quite satisfying as what will probably be the only time in my life I will get to see this band, which I've been a fan of for most of my life. Before the show, I had known that the set list was pretty much the same throughout the tour, but I kept myself from looking at it so the element of surprise wasn't spoiled. It did lead to some tension towards the end of the show when they hadn't played 2 of the songs I wanted to hear the most, King of Pain & So Lonely, and there was an obvious absence of 2 big songs - Roxanne and Every Breath You Take. However, the anticipation paid off, as they played all 4 in what I knew would be a tremendous encore.

    As expected, the set list was pretty much perfect, containing pretty much all of the basic songs which casual and hardcore fans could want. Weak spots were hard to come by, with the only disruption of momentum coming with the pair of
  • Absolutely Wonderful

    5 jui. 2007, 1h50m par ACupOfCoffee

    Fri 29 Jun – The Police
    Absolutely Wonderful! Words can't describe it better than that, but I'll try. During So Lonely Sting replaced the line Welcome to this one night show with Welcome to the Andy Summers show and Andy looked surprised. After that he took a very long solo. Then it was the Stewart Copeland show, but no drum solo At one point during their first encore Sting had taken off his earpiece and Stewart Copeland had already gotten up and set aside his drumsticks, Andy started playing Every Breath You Take. Sting and Stewart looked at each other like "Well, okay." King of Pain was played on xylophone rather than piano, which I liked. The lights went red for Roxanne, which was a nice touch. All in all, a really great show.