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  • fun stuff
  • Wolfgang Voigt
  • saves.
  • The [artist]Wolfgang Voigt[/artist] alias is cool.
  • I've been a rly big Allroy For Prez fan, and I still think it's pretty great. IDK, that's my favorite kind of ALL.
  • No, ALL !
  • Probably best band ever.-
  • ALL
  • Not nearly as good as Descendents. They had a much more aggressive feel to their music as Descendents. ALL is great but adds in too much pop to be considered as good or as punk as Descendents was. No diggity doubt
  • honey poops
  • Honey Peeps changed my life.
  • Honey Peeps should be way higher !
  • problematic!
  • Used to be a megamegafan of this band. Still good.
  • chad price!
  • so much better than descendents. [2] if we can agree Chad Price era was best then I'd admit that they're all good as the descendents.
  • All - Live @ CBGB, New York, USA, 18-07-1989
  • so much better than descendents.
  • ever try gods way its fantastic
  • Just noticed like a week ago that 'Guilty' plays in the background at one point in Mallrats. Was stoked to say the least
  • All? NO, ALL ! Please fix it Lastfm! [3]
  • she's my ex was the first song i ever called in and requested on a local radio show. <3 scott reynolds was definitely the best non-milo front man.
  • All? NO, ALL ! Please fix it Lastfm ! [2]
  • Criminally underappreciated. (2)
  • This World. Best ALL song, no question.
  • world's on heroin
  • All? NO, ALL ! Please fix it Lastfm !
  • Honey Peeps is the perfect pop-punk song.
  • Revenge, Saves, and Nerder.
  • I only own Mass Nerder, but it's definitely a good album. I, personally like Chad Price's vocals.
  • I want to take a listen to these guys sometime, but not sure what I should listen to. What's their best album?
  • Impossível não gostar <3 (2)
  • Impossível não gostar <3
  • Trilha sonora da minha adolescencia <3
  • a must for any fan of Descedents, Dag Nasty, Drag The River, or The Pavers, and pretty much anyone who likes melodic hardcore
  • I really don't care =D
  • Go Wolfgang!
  • Criminally underappreciated.
  • anyone have a link to the best of comp released in 99
  • Без Milo уже не то.((
  • If you like this music, you may also like [artist]Pete Vyler[/artist] Band. Just a rocknroll Disaster gig. Thanx 4 your follow
  • FODA D+
  • =)
  • Downloads here:
  • All Hail Heavy Metal in custom for show bands :D and this appeared for All :D
  • ALL time favourite band. :)
  • Million Bucks! :) temazcal schrieb: Dad > Grandma > Mom Sorry that's just the way it is. Haha, you made my Day ;D
  • seedboy - I mentioned that similarity in my posts that were purged, but I'm not sure the lyrics are sarcastic. It's the same as a bunch of 70s West Coast hard-drug using, middle class punks wearing Nazi emblems on stage, sure those kids wouldn't last five minutes under the Nazis but at least they got a rise out of people. Or something.
  • really wish we could make this output at 'ALL' and not 'All'
  • Wooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww BETTER THAN THAT!


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