• Prog Acts by Popularity: Eclectic

    4 déc. 2011, 8h57m par Mark_H

  • 2010 review

    2 jan. 2011, 2h39m par progmetalhead

    I haven’t listened to so much music in any previous years than in 2010. In average 11-12 hours per day and over 50 000 scrobbles according to It’s been mostly new music, about 80% from albums of 2010. I hope this time there will be not too big changes anymore in my top list as I have frequently searched all the main sites where I get my updates about the new releases (,,,,, plus top lists from users with similar music tastes).

    Top four bands were the most difficult to rank, any one of them could be as well the number one. Generally pretty good and interesting year, though there weren’t any really epochal albums or masterpieces. By the styles it was very fruitful year in avant-garde metal, and somewhat more moderate in post rock/post metal (compared to couple of previous years).

    The biggest disappointments were: Solefald, Therion, Tetrafusion, Vanden Plas, Dimmu Borgir, Pure Reason Revolution
  • fest. pt 1.

    1 nov. 2010, 16h57m par evesummernight

    I got to work this morning, and was told. dude. you don’t look alright. you don’t even sound alright.

    Correct. I look, smell, feel, sound like ass. All of the senses.

    Lets take a quick jaunt at the weekend in retrospect shall we?

    Friday morning. Get to the rental car at ATL airport at 11:30. drive fast, because, i was meeting up with guiltyview to provide for him a ticket in exchange for some sweet design work (of which, i have something for you sir. or a request…) got stuck behind a cop north of valdosta (around sparks, ga…) but, because of awful road construction… which is a rather common occurance around there, instead of being stuck doing 70 behind this cop, i got the edge by blocking him behind a slow ass RV and passed him doing 0 miles over the speed limit. cha ching. got from atlanta to gainesville in 4 hours 2 minutes. average speed? 84 miles per hours.

    went to the liquor store, grabbed a bottle of kentucky gentlemen, makers mark, and four high life tallboys… and krispy kreme doughnuts.