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  • Fuckin' love "Arc". Right up my alley.
  • Heavy Pop Review:
  • new EP fucking crushed my cock so hard
  • Loved the new EP... Pretty fucking Sludgy!
  • Only 3 tracks on an EP? I expected at least 40!
  • Arc is a fucking monster EP. Amazing job
  • New EP is heavy as fuck.
  • yooooo the new stuff is so doom metal
  • Not A Daughter has some serious Melvins vibes going on, like it.
  • Altered States of America is the silliest shit this side of a Monty Python movie
  • This band is fucking sick. Love them.
  • They have great album covers.
  • I can't scrobble half of their songs, they're under 30 seconds xD
  • Auch wenn ich dem neuerem Grindcore etwas Skeptisch gegenüber stehe haut die Kapelle mich voll aus den latschen... BOSTON hat aber auch ne geile Szene... FOAD
  • Anyone know how they're handling the drums for their MDF appearance?
  • PCP Torpedo is their best shit
  • Agorapocalypse and all their new material suck ass. I wish they all OD'd in the production of Altered States of America.
  • That's so funny they're playing a live show.
  • ANb please do at least do one full US tour before you go back to being a band that never plays live
  • nosegrind
  • I am sure someone with nick like BrootalK1d must be a grindcore expert [3] with charts full of deathcore [2] geheh!
  • Homophobic Assbleed ftw
  • holy fucking shit agorapocolypse is fucking incredible
  • death metal LOL
  • ANb - Agorapocalypse is one of the best Grindcore albums out there. Period.
  • bullshit gets shot.
  • bullshit gets up and walks around
  • Grind/Crust/HC from Pakistan, influenced by Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Assuck, etc.
  • Registeel: it wasn't supposed to sound cool
  • Noisegrind at it's best!
  • "grindcore expert" very lame term
  • I am sure someone with nick like BrootalK1d must be a grindcore expert [2] with charts full of deathcore, ahah
  • I am sure someone with nick like BrootalK1d must be a grindcore expert
  • ANb is a grind band...
  • Grindcore? It's just a hardcore band who uses a lot of blast beats, but the music is really fast and catchy
  • We smoke this weed in your honor, Satan.
  • Anyone heard about their 4 four new albums?
  • where the fuck did they get that clip from for "nuts in the ass" from? I want more things like this... spread em bitch!
  • druggernaut
  • I'm confused
  • If you have to ask, you'll never know.
  • What does the comment below even mean????
  • My grandma like when I listen to this band, I think it's his favorite band haha
  • Moral Distortion!


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