• Saying bad things about my top 20 artists.

    12 jan. 2008, 19h06m par manadragon

    Time for a new journal, and for this one, I will try and bash my top 20 artists.

    20.Doves - Their vocalist is really not that good at singing.

    19.Masashi Hamauzu - Writes some pretty boring tracks from time to time.

    18.Portishead - Sometimes Beth's vocals go a bit over the top in some songs. That and half of their debut album was boring.

    17.Darkthrone- Everything after Panzerfaust pretty much sucked.

    16.Hitoshi Sakimoto- He seems to be very hit or miss with alot of his work. He has some brilliant work, and some makes me want to tear my eyes out. I'm looking at you FFXII OST.

    15.Amon Amarth - Had a couple of bad albums, but made up for it later. Also Johan's vocals can get kinda jarring.

    14.The Decemberists- Colin gets on my nerves every now and then, plust they have some really horrible tracks.

    13.King Crimson- They have gotten worse with each album, but have not put out a flat out horrible album. And Moonchild is utter trash after 3 minutes in.