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Draw the Line

Draw the Line

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  • Pretty cool
  • No auge das drogas e do ego, Aerosmith testemunha seu momento mais obscuro. É o que qualquer review desse álbum diz. Mas, “Draw The Line” é um direto de direita no olho de um amante de rock. Para uma banda que vinha flertando cada vez mais com outros estilos, e usando diversos instrumentos, essa névoa que os atrapalhava a vida pessoal, acabou os trazendo de volta ao puro hard rock, enfim agora é só pauleira. Que bom! A faixa título, com seu riff de slide, ainda é incluída nos set lists de hoje em dia. O albúm ainda conta com a participação de Joe Perry nos vocais de “Bright Light Fright”, a suingada “Get it Up”, e a sensacional balada “Kings and Queens” com um arranjo que mostra a singularidade desses cinco “malucos” reunidos. “Draw The Line” ficou marcado como o último álbum da banda com esse formação por bastante tempo.
  • You can sort of tell they were drugged up to high heaven when you listen to this. It's loose, sloppy and basically all over the sounds like a bunch of talented guys jamming together after downing a few bottles of scotch and a few lines of coke (which is probably close to the truth). The end product is absolutely brilliant.
  • Their last best album from 70's
  • Substance abuse and reckless living in general was eating at Aerosmith from the inside, but outwardly they were still putting together a formidable attack. Released in December 1977, Draw the Line was the last pure studio album from the original line-up for the next decade. As expected, lead singer Steven Tyler rants and raves with his loose-lipped braggadocio in full-force. The title track comes out thundering with guitarist Joe Perry’s whiplash guitar runs and a dramatic build that climaxes with Tyler’s virtually indecipherable screaming monologue. “I Wanna Know Why” and Kokomo Arnold’s “Milk Cow Blues” underscore the band’s R&B roots, while “Get It Up,” “The Hand That Feeds” and “Sight for Sore Eyes” rattle with Aerosmith’s trademark rambunctious brattiness. “Kings and Queens” is a rare dramatic epic for the band, shifting towards Renaissance Faire styled progressive rock with its time-ticking piano notes and doom-laden bass runs, only turning to Aerosmith's older roots.
  • underrated. sure it was their worst personal era, but it still rules. Kings and Queen, Milk Cow Blues, The Hand That Feeds <3
  • me encanta este disco,sobre todo kings and queens,mi favorita del grupo
  • I hate this album. Especially the cover.
  • My first concert was on this tour. Golden Earring opened up for them in New Haven, CT. on my 8th b-day.
  • Agree. And it's probably the weakest of the 5, but it's still pretty good. Also, the fun artwork by Al Hirschfeld makes me smile.

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