• My Top Aaliyah Songs

    1 fév. 2010, 15h31m par AaliyahCarmela

  • P.R.H Lyricz game vol. IV

    8 avr. 2007, 8h37m par Toodalimit

    1. Put your player on random
    2. Write the first line of lyrics from each song
    3. Let others guess the song and artist
    4. When a song is guessed, cross it out.
    5. If you'd like, list all of the artists used at the end of the post

    1. Missy be the name and ya'll should already know.On & On
    2. I ain't meaning to brag girl, you know that I'm the shit, but I'm feeling your swag, girl.
    3. I gotta feeling she keeps me in the dark.
    4. When will we get the time to be just friends.
    5. You got to press it on you
    6. Check it out going out on a late night.U + Ur Hand
    7. I'm holding on ur rope, got me ten feet off the ground.
    8. Chemistry was crazy from the get go, neither one of us knew why.Be Without You
    9. Lying in the bed and here the clock tick I think of you.Time After Time
    10. Never scared to be differentGirls Gone Wild
    11. Pull up your pants, just like them, Take out the trash, just like them.Like a Boy
    12. Don't need no paper, don't need no pencils, don't need no love letters.Get Along with You