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  • kd vcs no Brasilll
  • Коммерческий мусор. Этим старикам уже пора на покой.
  • Live review of AC/DC in Wellington, New Zealand:
  • sapiens
  • homo
  • in ROCK N ROLL we TRUST it's ROCK or BUST
  • Back In Black is the best hard rock album ever.
  • Their 1978 live album still blows me away every time I put it on
  • абсолют рок-н-ролла.
  • MUH! Rindviech
  • What a legacy
  • Sign to bring back old
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • fantastic always right
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • too loud <3
  • Bon Scotts era is the best easily, but we got great songs from Brian era aswell.
  • So good
  • the best thing about AC/DC is that each one of their songs is a completely unique and different sound. i'm glad they don't fall into the formula like most bands where all their songs sound the same
  • Wspaniały koncert w WARSZAWIE........... NADAL BARDZO DOBRA FORMA .OK...OK...OK...
  • Bon Scott era is the only AC/DC worth to listen.
  • Неплохая группа, но она стала настолько мейнстримной, что уже и слушать не хочется. Даже некоторые гопники любят их.
  • primitive shit [2]
  • Also, I think Send For The Man from Fly On The Wall is definitely the most underrated Brian-era track.
  • Simple, but well done. I grew up with AC/DC and don't see myself ever abandoning them completely. Highway To Hell is their best album imo
  • I just listened to them after years, I didn't remember they were that boring [2]
  • Музыка однообразная до невозможности, одна-две песни всего чем-то от остальных отличается. Хотя да, риффы качовые местами, спорить не буду. Прибуханным, наверное, самое то слушать, идк
  • australian superheroes:!
  • primitive shit
  • Рецензии и музыкальные обзоры. Обсуждаем хорошую музыку) Очень любим AC/DC :3
  •,wii be the BEST,forever
  • I've got big balls!
  • I just listened to them after years, I didn't remember they were that boring
  • Music is transnational,to promote the exchange of different cultures and looking forward to your information.
  • best band ever
  • #21 on the chart, but #1 in my heart.
  • You've been.....Thunderstruck !! :P
  • #21 is okay... In Sweden it's even better: #5 artist! #1 Hyped artist with ~1000 hype score. Some songs have ~3000 hype score! Well done! :)
  • OK, not bad for a start: "#21 in last week’s chart".
  • Whole Lotta Rosie <3
  • They will probably make a big jump from "#243 in last week's chart" into the Top 10 on next Monday, might even beat "https"... ;-)
  • For Those About To Rock.... AC/DC on Spotify!! GET IN!!!!!
  • Will ACDC be the hottest artist on Spotify the next weeks? That would be great :)


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