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Wumpscut est le projet de Rudy Ratzinger, né le 3 juin 1966 en Bavière en Allemagne. Le projet a vu le jour en mai 1991 à l'aide de nouveaux instruments japonais achetés. Après le lancement de plusieurs cassettes, EP, et CD, Rudy Ratzinger monte un nouveau label, MENTAL ULCER FORGES, dont le but est de produire de jeunes talents de la scène electro/goth/ebm. Après une brève interruption, ce label reprendra son activité en 2006. Wumpscut a vendu énormément… en lire plus

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  • I pronounce it as it looks to my English-speaking eyes. I also tend to give an enthusiastic sound-effect inflection on the "wump" (WHUMPscut!), just because it amuses me. :P
  • People, let's finally figure out, how do we pronounce wumpscut? I tend to say it in German, with "v" and "oo", but maybe there is something i don't know? I was able only to google that it's a synthitec word...
  • i adore you mein schatz
  • If you've loved Wumpscut as much as I have over the years and haven't listened to Youth Code, then I'm thoroughly unimpressed. If you love yourself, you would check out Youth Code.
  • DrFloccin: Usually artists need around 2 years for a album. At least Dark Electro, EBM, Industrial Genre. And I usually enjoy them more than Wumpscut albums. There are more good tracks and sometimes not even boring. Sometimes artists need even longer. Best example Grendel. He took nearly 5 years for his album Timewave Zero and its very good and unique. Harsh Generation was also a masterpiece which took 3 years. However, not sure if he really worked that long on them or also had a long break or made a EP. Takes pretty long though and usually there are only 8 real tracks on his albums. However, they are amazing and I prefer this over releasing an album every year with mostly boring tracks. Already 5 years ago Alien Vampires released their last album. Really waiting for it. However, they had some EP, single and compilation tracks. I really expect it to be a masterpiece. But this is a downside. Sometimes albums cant stand exceptations.
  • nice... yeah!
  • VELVET ACID CHRIST's cover of :wumpscut: Is It You... I liked it a lot, man!!
  • need live event

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