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  • Super Hero Strength
  • Great shit. Dope.
  • OMFG! *-*
  • Não sei nem o que dizer é a melhor música do albúm...
  • Crash Tactics is sick, but... WWEA is... meh.
  • «The only real good song»? How about Debutante or Crash Tactics? Every song in WWEA focuses in different aspects. Weak4 is the Mean Low Water, power and angry, made electronic.
  • Really insane at the end, woah!!
  • One of the many great songs from this great album
  • this song is hillarious. yeah, that's it. HILLARIOUS
  • the new album is sick, in a good way :P debutante, tiger girl, come to me.. all at least as good as this, but hey, thats taste. wining doesn't make the band to do old-style stuff ^^
  • By far the only real good song from the new album. [3]
  • By far the only real good song from the new album. <----- so true -.-
  • amazing drums ...
  • The complexicity of this track is unbelievable.
  • Oh god I love this! Great album!
  • sounds like prodigy, like good prodigy from the 90's, which is freaking awesome.
  • Fucking sweet.
  • totalnie chora nuta,kocham to
  • First song Ive ever heard by these guys. Simply amazing.
  • the second half of this song is completely amazing!!!
  • By far the only real good song from the new album.
  • awesome!!
  • EPIC
  • if you put vocal into this song, it sounds just like one of the prodigy's songs.
  • I am personally all for progression if the music sounds better,can anyone honestly say this album is better than their past efforts,I don't think so but saying that it is early days and this song isn't to shabby.
  • they've done better
  • I Like it, :D
  • <3
  • meh.
  • Лихо!
  • kinda weak...
  • Wow xD
  • So amazing
  • other songs from this single are way better than this one. sounds like a soundtrack to cheap battle game lol.
  • Eh.
  • fascinating.. 65kids !
  • waaaaaaaah
  • Nice'n'jumpy.
  • for anyone that cant get the japanese single
  • awesome! it must sound amazing live :0
  • i wanna hear it live again!!!!!
  • Really nice. Not terrific, though.
  • I fucking love this!
  • Woah, niiiice! The album should be a belter as per usual ^^
  • someone upload this? its japanese only at the moment and i reeeaally wanna hear it!!

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