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  • Avatar de forestyocean
    The last 30 seconds are so intense! Love it.
  • Avatar de SLJRabling
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar de adamzZz
    This song is meant to be used in some kind of a movie trailer!
  • Avatar de mapoot
  • Avatar de Geiermaniac
    Decent song... awesome band!
  • Avatar de neferegio
    wild track! love it!
  • Avatar de CosmicAnomoly
    just great!! ...decent band
  • Avatar de coke_stuff
    smack my bitch UP!
  • Avatar de DeanSheamus
    Impossible to listen to it with the volume down
  • Avatar de iarda
    Wow ... nice
  • Avatar de CryptoThinker
    turn it up loud!! [4]
  • Avatar de Arthur_Dent_42
    turn it up loud!! [3]
  • Avatar de praskaton1
    smack my bitch up! [2]
  • Avatar de kflorence
    very good
  • Avatar de poeticonspiracy
    so intense. love it!
  • Avatar de The_Mark_Hoppus
    ~ This stuff Is Blowing Up Your Mind ! =D ~
  • Avatar de Chtun
    amazing stuff
  • Avatar de re-arranger
  • Avatar de maggit
    Come to think of it... it does. :O But I said earlier that the whole album sounds as if they invited the guys from Prodigy to help them make it. :)
  • Avatar de blacknail
    Am I the only one thinking that the rhythm sounds like Smack My Bitch Up at some times?
  • Avatar de Ladariel
    fucking great!
  • Avatar de becker_90
    Fucking awesome.
  • Avatar de aengus_
    Holy FUCK.
  • Avatar de firstfolio
  • Avatar de funk-monk
    Turn it up loud <3
  • Avatar de rangsta-gapp
    holy goddamn chills
  • Avatar de lax_laxity
    Not bad
  • Avatar de tachyonpython
  • Avatar de Piemanlord
    I'm liking this album, but I'm not loving it yet. Only one listen through though. One Time for All Time is still my favourite of the two, I need to get The Fall of Math.
  • Avatar de piginaspacesuit
    wow this song is pretty terrible.
  • Avatar de ChronoAreku
    Can't stop listening to this track! Only 3 more days till the album :D
  • Avatar de Evilninja1337
    very impressive
  • Avatar de maninacan
    different but good different whole albums immense
  • Avatar de Braino
    I was hoping they'd do an entire album like the dance parties ep, and yes, here it comes!! Awesome!
  • Avatar de TalkingToPylons
    I am very impressed, 65daysofstatic never fail to amaze me, wonderful jam!
  • Avatar de fekko
    epic. :D
  • Avatar de Arthur_Dent_42
  • Avatar de PeterCore
    Yeah, let's call everything fucking epic from the very beginning, it means really a lot. To be honest, I find this track too simple and shallow in comparison with the last album by 65dos - I love the breath-taking, melancholic spaces of 'The Destruction Of Small Ideas'. . I hope the rest of the new songs will not be so happy-poppy-sounding..
  • Avatar de fismes
    A bit simpler than expected from 65dos. Still nice though.
  • Avatar de Pugix3
  • Avatar de JohnyTheBigTree
  • Avatar de KaeroO
  • Avatar de Radostiya
    hot music!! nice picture)
  • Avatar de maarten36
    Great song, I'm realy looking forward to their new album
  • Avatar de mcbatcommander
    definantly seeing the prodigy comparison... hmmm..... hmmmm (still thinking on this one)
  • Avatar de Mr_Phosphorous
    ugh! sounds like the fucking Prodigy circa 1996.
  • Avatar de unfieboy
  • Avatar de AluK
    Holy fuck, this track is made of pure and raw awesome.
  • Avatar de SovietJoe
    Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  • Avatar de thekillingspree
    There's definitely some nice stuff going on on this track!


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