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40 Below Summer est un groupe de nu metal formé en 1998 au New Jersey, USA.
Le groupe est né de la rencontre entre un batteur d'origine Péruvienne, Carlos Aguilar et Max Illidge.
Joey D'Amico (Guitare rythmique), Jordan Plingos (Guitariste) et Hector Graziani (basse) rejoinrent le gropue plus tard.
Après leurs deux premiers albums, ils participèrent au Jägermeister Music Tour avec notamment Drowning Pool et Slipknot.…

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  • I lost ALL RESPECT for THEM when they did their own Kickstarter or whatever campaign... that's like BEGGING for CHARITY. Find a private investor in the band or something (like a LABEL perhaps if their reputation didn't SUCK & they didn't FAIL ONCE already...) they never made any contacts because they suck balls. Now are robbing their hard-working, broke fans who all have children & stuff. #Classy!
  • New album is a joke.... always knew in the back of my mind these guys were an unaccomplished bunch of hacks. Max Illidge is a true asshole frontman... the type of dude very few of his peers when they came up liked at all. These guys just change & go with the trends... they may've been kind of unique at one time but they're not original at all. Jordan picked the right time to leave the band... again. Max & Joey are gay together... a marriage predicated around forcing shit music with terrible production & tones down people's throats now. HIRE a PRODUCER... listen to better artists to draw INSPIRATION from. Go back to the old roots on songs like "Wither Away", "Power Tool", "Alienation", "Awakening", "Rain"... "Relapse" and "Tell Me Now"... those at least SOUNDED HONEST
  • Just giving them a try after a long time without listening to them, still really good.
  • Кроме Rope вообще ничего не слушабельно. Унылая альтернатива плюс иногда нюха проскакивает.
  • Последний альбом унылый и вообще слушать невозможно.
  • we will suffer ;(
  • New group opened up called: metal singers with a wide range of vocal styles, which you can find here: please feel free to join and enhance my / our list with awesome metal singers in our forum.
  • Wow, I underestimated just how angsty their old lyrics are haha. The hiatus seems to have served them well, they became a lot more mature lyrically.
  • идеально подошли под настроение
  • Awesome band. The Mourning After album is amazing cover to cover. Glad there back together, just picked up new album pretty good thus far.

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