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  • headeynyp

    Some more modern music seems to lend itself well to the musicbox,+Cows+Are+Quite+Prevalent+%5Bmusic+box+mix%5D(Bovine+Milkman) Thanks

    septembre 2013
  • headey

    You end up with ~14pages Took about 10minutes.

    septembre 2013
  • headey

    note : if you'd like them on your page in A-Z order...... after the 'TagFromSearches' tab opens... you can click to sort the artists, A-Z. Then sort them Z-A before clicking 'Ban'.

    septembre 2013
  • gnomeza

    Thanks for that @bigGhumour !

    septembre 2013
  • bigGhumour

    Having said that I can't deny that these tracks are a useful source if you need to hear a melody not otherwise on lastfm. :) I think it is lastfm itself that recommends 'covers' are uploaded like this rather than as the artist Musical Box Archive.

    septembre 2013
  • bigGhumour

    BANNING..... @gnomeza - I've just spent half an hour trying to tag the tracks so they can be found, so it might be possible to ban them now. But it will still take the best part of half an hour to do :( ~~~~~~~~ From the The Mass Tagger page download the sourceforge file. When that is installed & opened... > go to the 'UserTagLibrary' tab > User: >type in BigGHumour > OK > double click 'classical music box' > (the 'TagFromSearches' tab opens) > rightclick anywhere > click 'SelectAll' > click 'Ban' > OK > see if there is another page to load(bottom right) & repeat. ~~~~~~~~ (btw 'Banning' in lastfm terms is really 'tell the algorithm I'd rather not hear this')

    septembre 2013
  • gnomeza

    On its own it may have some value, but it pollutes the classical tags. How do I blanket ban it?

    avril 2012
  • vanillarama

    I like it! Whatever!

    février 2010
  • mll

    away from my radio !

    novembre 2009
  • Mr_Phosphorous

    Some of the greatest music ever written, reduced to cheap robotic plastic rubbish. It's just so fucking awful, I can't believe someone's actually gone to the trouble of doing it. Listening to it will give you absolutely no idea of the true beauty and power of the music, it really is a complete waste of time.

    septembre 2009
  • FSylvestris, please don't recommend any more of these tracks to me.

    juin 2009
  • jblepine

    Booooooooooo....only bullshit....

    décembre 2008
  • ballener0


    avril 2008
  • Xianluca

    Very nice tracks !

    novembre 2007
  • apswartz

    Please, please ban these from! These pseudo-recordings are awful!

    novembre 2007
  • wtfprecious

    Despite the slightly lower quality, it is good that we can have access to this music .. yeaaah.

    novembre 2007
  • pelegrin845

    Sounds like somebody copied a bunch of classical scores into their midi program and published a million of them on No dynamics, no expression... i.e. no music... :P

    octobre 2007
  • oasis_1979

    q bien q bien

    septembre 2007
  • harveydrone

    As an audioscrobbler snob, the low quality of the music is insignificant compared to the completely frickedup tags. I'm guessing that the only reason some of them have the full artist name is because there's an old mod in here to fix it.

    septembre 2007
  • mahavishnu

    oh its not that bad. its like background music for home movies.

    septembre 2007
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