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+ M-tronic was created in july 2001 with the goal to be an innovative platform for all kinds of electronic experiments including IDM, electronica, breakbeat, industrial, drum and bass. The label has developped incredibly well and over all our expectations. Thanks for your support, and keep feeling the chemcical spirit of M-tronic
Choose your chemical element, choose M-tronic !

M-Tronic also as it(s Sub-Label : D-Monic Records if you are interested in Gothic Rock & Cold Wave you can look at : www.d-monic.net
or on Myspace at : www.mypsace.com/dmoniclabel

you can listen to some of the latest M-Tronic Releases on Myspace or on Virb.

+ 2 totally FREE Compilations (« Table Of Elements » & « Table Of Elements vol. 2,0 ») can be downloaded from the official label pages with cover art to print in colors or b&w.


For the moment the full catalogue of M-Tronic Records is :

Br35 Millimetric « Reconfiguration » (Out Now !)
Se34 C.H.District  » Conclusion » (Out Now !)
As33 [2CD] BLACKHOUSE « 25 years anniversary + Hope … » (Out Now !)
Ge32 Electronic Manifesto IV « Epitaph » (Out Now !)

Zn30 9 ELMA « Coeur Liquide »
Cu29 ELECTRONIC MANIFESTO « A Tribute to Mute records »
Ni28 MILLIMETRIC « Expériences Modernes »
Co27 EX_TENSION « Legacy »
Fe26 GEOMATIC « Blue Beam »
Mn25 ACTION NANO « Select And Start »

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