The French Rock Artist League

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Leaders : Varkung et Ardynaika
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 19 juin 2009
Description :
In the tradition of the German, British, Finnish and other Rock Leagues worldwide, one of greatest music countries enters the ring!

We are searching for a new group leader! If you are interested, please mail to Varkung

French Album of the Year 2013:

French Champion, Cup winner, League Cup winner and Supercup Winner 2013:

1. League: Blue: French Champion and World Cup ticket, Pink: World Cup Qualifying, Green: League Cup Ticket, Red: Relegation, (M): Current Champion, (P): Current Cup Winner, (N): Promoted from Division 2
2. League: Pink: Championship, Promotion and League Cup ticket, Green: Promotion, Red: Relegation, (A): Relegated from 1. League, (N): Promoted from Division 3

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