• Supporting independent Artists directly

    9 juin 2006, 9h30m par mihi_tr

    jamendo not only has great music released under creative commons license, it too has the feature of donation money to the artist you like directly. So get the music for free, fall in love with it and give the money to the artist (of course a little part will go to jamendo) directly. No big fat music industry apparatus in between, no one bugging you that you break rights when you give a copy to your friends to listen it.

    And people actually do it. I did it for Clemix SoundShaker and Eva Garcia. Both of them providing music that is genious.

    Jamendo finally changed my image of CreativeCommons music, which was that it's al experimental electronic produced without attitude to be listened. It is worth listening it, thanks CreativeCommons for keeping our culture our culture and not the property of some industrial complex.
  • Creative Commons and Jamendo

    4 juin 2006, 10h38m par mihi_tr

    creativecommons are around the net for quite a long time now. The only plattform i knew for getting cc licensed music so far was opsound and it was pretty unuseable the last time i visited it. Ok they have this really nice web stream with all this hip experimental music streaming, but this was all. Yesterday i checked creativecommons again for content[/url| and found jamendo. One look at it, it incorporates everything that is hip at the moment: podcasting, tags and bittorrent. The website itself forces you to sign up after you use it a while, this is annoying, but: it is really useable and great music is provided there. e.q. Vate,Solcarlus,Spleen(the french band) and Tryad. Of which Vate is a user too.

    It seems that creativecommons is a concept ready for take off.