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hôtel costes & similar tunes...

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#01. Michael Maricle | What Color Is Your Heart #02. Jenny De Vivo | Love Is What I Live For #03. Supreme Beings Of Leisure | Whats The Deal
#04. Beth Hirsch | Miner’s Son (Bang Bang Remix) #05. Alphawezen | Into The Stars (Instrumental) #06. David Holmes | Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone)
#07. Spunkshine | Hemlock Switch-One #08. Terminal 3 | Dinner In Coach #09. Alamein | My Tender #10. Afterlife | Cry || (43:44)


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Hôtel Costes

10 years ago, Stéphane Pompougnac decides to gather together the best tracks that he plays at the Hôtel Costes in a personal selection.

Shortly after, the first «Costes» compilation makes everyone to discover the luxurious, eclectic and sophisticated universe from the resident DJ of the Hôtel Costes.

Immediate French and international success, the compilation quickly becomes a series, a unique and yearly rendezvous awaited by all the regarding music lovers.

The "Making of" Hôtel Costes 11

Every song is|was available as free download on

Tracks icluded in Volume 01.

01.All India Radio - Four Three
02.40 Winks - Destination, My Imagination
03.Solar Captive - La Cle
04.et_ - An Orchestra Behind My Window
05.Cmy - The Truth & The Lie
06.Mr.S - Acoustically Illustrated
07.Amplive - Faustz
08.Transient - Beyond Possible Grasp
09.Younnat - Cardiologists Decided To Not Go To Bed
10.Lost Balance - Third Skin
11.Solar Captive - These Words
12.Diffraction - Sunrise
13.Timofey - Echoes (Promo-clip)
14.Anomie Belle - Down
15.七瀬光 - すれ違う心

download free music 01

Tracks included in Volume 02.

01.Unorganized Crime - ... And Die
03.Solar Captive - Spin Symphonies
03.Ugress - Rain
04.All India Radio - Dry
05.Milla Jovovich - Islands (Marion Xue Remix v1)
06.Solar Captive - Vertigo
07.Bang Gang - Follow
08.Metaform - Sunday
09.Bliss - Time Time Time
10.Lost Balance - These Days
11.Mr.S - super)(nova
12.Rekevin - A Peacock
13.Sorbet - Dreams
14.Transient - Bright Expressing Time 2008 rmx
15.Low in the Sky - Fax Mn

download free music 02

Tracks included in Volume 03.

01.Crookram - a day in the life (feat INC)
02.Lost Balance - Lonely
03.Ben zen Berg - Jeep, Sea and Sadness
04.Tango Tempo - Arktika
05.Skye - What's Wrong With Me (Nouvelle Vague Remix)
06.Half Dub Theory - Floating
07.Comfort Fit - The Hunt
08.Diego Bernal - Bring It On Home
09.Gylepomp - Input
10.Solar Captive - Powerplaces
11.Quantifier - suburban night
12.Soma Sonic - Memories (Original)
13.Soulslept - Monolith
14.Nebular Spool - Ruins
15.Crookram - Hostile

download free music 03

Tracks icluded in Volume 04.

01.Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - The Siren Songs
02.Amplive - All I Need
03.Solar Captive - Come Together
04.Mudville - The Hero Of The World
05.Soulslept - Dry Leaves
06.Pogo - Alice
07.Low in the Sky - Cool Sanson
08.Adre'N'Alin - Grandfather
09.Sola Rosa - Del Ray
10.Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance
11.Fant00m - Toasted Crispy
12.Half Dub Theory - Too Late
13.Soma Sonic - The Carousel
14.Pablie - Trying Jazz
15.Cocolixe - A Day of Happiness

download free music 04

Tracks icluded in Volume 05.

01.Xaviaro - Businesswoman
02.Elsiane - Vaporous
03.Andy Korg - i don't care
04.Antony Raijekov - Road to them
05.Centerpole - morning lihgt
06.Dynamoe -Time
07.Baskyl- Fragile Timeframe
08.Acht - Shiny Little Moona
09.Pogo - Anna
10.Motown Junkie - It's on you
11.Quantifier- Now's The Time
12.French Tenn Idol - The Longest Night
13.r.mut- musa
14.Unorganized Crime - Alessandra
15.Crookram - tomorrow all right

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