Best of 2011 (Indie Session)

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    • 16 fév. 2012, 8h59m

    Best of 2011 (Indie Session)

    Indie session recorded with the best of 2011 (at least what I think !!). I'm just an amateur, but I hope you like it !! ;)


    The Black Keys - Lonely boy
    Kakkmaddafakka - Restless
    French films - Convict
    The vaccines - Wreckin' bar (ra ra ra)
    Airship - Kids
    Arctic Monkeys - Library pictures
    Kasabian - Days are forgotten
    The Drums - Money
    Peter Bjorn and John - I know you don't love me
    M83 - Midnight city
    We are standard - 07.45 (Bring me back home)
    Spector – Grey Shirt & Tie (The Big Pink Remix)
    Capital cities - Safe and sound
    The Rapture - How deep is your love

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