Kissing Just For Practice, a B&S Disco. Manchester

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    • 26 oct. 2010, 21h08m

    Kissing Just For Practice, a B&S Disco. Manchester

    The next Kissing Just For Practice clubnight is taking place this coming Friday the 29th of October.

    Tthe venue is the delightful Star and Garter on Fairfield Street in Manchester (Behind Piccadilly Rail Station) and we have some beautiful guest DJ's to entertain too. Dan and Hannah from the hugely successful and wonderful PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER Manchester indiepop night are strutting their stuff on the decks.

    Here's the deal: We play B&S every 4 or 5 songs (That's the bits of bread) and the succulent filler comes in the form of gorgeous, sugar-coated indiepop, new wave, sixties bubblegum and anything else of that ilk.

    We start around 9pm and continue until the wee hours of the morning.

    £3 for NUS members and anyone sporting a B&S badge
    £4 anyone else
    £5 anyone arriving after midnight.

    Join the KJFP Pacefook group here[/url.]

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    • 25 juin 2011, 22h08m
    B&S disco!!!! Omg o___O Lovely

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